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Common Mistakes in DIY Video Production

Videos are an immersive and memorable type of media. Used for promotions and to spread awareness, videos are popular for both businesses and non-profit organizations alike. Because of this, many people attempt to make their own video presentations. Orlando video production experts can make the recording and editing processes easy. While it can be tempting […]

How to Make a Video Production Like Stanley Kubrick, Part 2

Are you having trouble producing eye-catching, share-worthy content? Part one of this post discussed Kubrick’s career and began looking at some of his most influential filmmaking techniques, including using humor, taking risks, and transforming the mundane. With your next Orlando video production in mind, here are several more suggestions taken from Kubrick’s films:   Embrace […]

4 Tips for Effective Video Content Marketing

Content marketing is the modern day solution to aggressive sales pitches, which are often time-consuming, expensive to execute, and no longer as effective. Effective video content marketing requires a certain amount of know-how to determine the right vision, information, and placement. Here are four tips for creating your next Orlando corporate video production:   Go […]

5 Types of People You Can Engage with Your Convention or Live Event Footage

Conventions are a vital tool for communication, allowing businesses and organizations to engage employees, deals, salespeople, and more. As you learn, present, and network at your next convention, conference, or another live event, consider booking camera crews in Orlando. The footage from your convention can be used in a variety of ways, including engaging with […]