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Conventions are a vital tool for communication, allowing businesses and organizations to engage employees, deals, salespeople, and more. As you learn, present, and network at your next convention, conference, or another live event, consider booking camera crews in Orlando. The footage from your convention can be used in a variety of ways, including engaging with the following five types of people:


  1. Employees


Are you currently using video with your employees? There are countless ways to incorporate it, including:

  • During a live event, as a recap video for each day
  • Following a conference or convention, to entice absent employees to attend in the future
  • Archival footage
  • Training videos
  • Company-wide content to share with franchisees


Using video footage will provide clear, consistent information to all of your employees.


  1. News Organizations


If your company or organization is ever in the news, then your local news agencies may request some B-roll footage. This type of footage could include wide shots of convention attendees or close-ups of presentations, perhaps with the volume lowered or muted so the newscasters can speak over it. You can share footage in conjunction with a big announcement or press release.


  1. Clients


Video is a uniquely powerful way to connect with clients, whether you are marketing to the masses or meeting one-on-one. It is an easy way to improve company image and showcase recent highlights. You can upload curated clips to social media pages, convert them into commercials, or share snippets of keynote presentations. Having professional clips on hand as examples will help boost your company’s credibility and responsiveness.


  1. Dealers and Industry Partners


While a convention or trade show is occurring, you have the opportunity to connect with dealers and other industry partners. Playing video clips in your welcome display or booth is a quick and easy way to showcase your company. You could even print special business cards with a QR code that will take smartphone users to a video or other specialized content. The content you display at an upcoming convention could be pulled from previous live events, commercials, and other film projects. The best camera crews in Orlando can handle all of the editing necessary for shooting and combining footage from multiple projects.



  1. Sponsors, Investors, and Events Coordinators


Is your business or organization looking to expand its reach? In many cases, potential sponsors or investors want to see evidence of what your company has to offer. Aside from providing product demonstrations or giving a facilities tour, you can also share clips from a convention or other live event that your group hosted. Montages and collected clips can include casual shots of attendees interacting, panel discussions, presentations, corporate announcements, and more.


Camera Crews in Orlando for Hire


Do you need an experienced, dynamic team to collect footage at your next live event? NG Production Films has over fifteen years of filmmaking experience. Our team will help you plan for and capture all of the footage you need during your upcoming convention or presentation. Call  (877) 203-2895 or visit us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.