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NG Production Films is full-service video production company based out of Orlando, FL. We specialize in a wide range of services with clients spanning up and down the state of Florida.

We're about Quality and Trust.

NG Production Films of Orlando is passionate about delivering high quality video production on time and on budget in Orlando that also serves Tampa. Our dedicated staff with over 15 years of television / video production experience works around the clock to provide superb service, expertise and is dedicated to delivering Full HD productions on time, every time.

We believe we have a commitment to video production quality and professionalism that isn’t paralleled by any other company in Orlando. This means our experience and cutting-edge technology astonishes clients with completed video productions that often exceed expectations.

Operating Area

NG Production Films moves up and down the state of Florida on a weekly basis. North Florida to South Florida, and everywhere in between. Contact us today to get started.

Our Leadership

Who We Are

At NG Production Films we consider ourselves to be part of your team, interested in your culture, and excited about your future. We're here to help with all of your video production needs. 

Naman Gabriel

Executive Producer

Naman Gabriel is a National Award Winning Producer/DP.  From starting in ministry television production to now working with Fortune 500 clients; his passion is to always produce a great video and not just a good one.


“The experience with NG Production Films was great. Gabriel did an excellent job of listening and understanding what our needs were. He listened and provided feedback that made me feel valued as a client. We provided him with an idea of the look to the piece and he was able to take the concept and improve upon it. It was a great collaboration of ideas. The timing of the filming was perfect!”.


Digital Enterprise Regional Manager // Florida Hospital

Lewis Clark

“NG Production Films was fantastic. Very easy to deal with and extremely organized. Their lines of communication were exceptional, right from the beginning of the project to the end. The final result was incredible video and wonderful customer service. Recommend them highly.”


Chairman // World War II Foundation

Tim Gray

“We had a great experience with NG Production Films. The communication before and after the shoot was timely; the pre-planning was smooth and the actual shoot was very professional and was actually fun. We would recommend NG Production Films without hesitation”.


Marketing Manager // Ultimate Dental Studio

Amy Ser

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