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Step into a world of visual storytelling excellence with NG Production Films, Orlando's top video production company. Our full-service offerings, including the state-of-the-art LED Volume Studio, redefine creative possibilities. Specializing in a range of videography services across Florida, we're committed to delivering captivating and innovative productions that exceed expectations.

Orlando Video Production

We're Setting the Standard for Excellence – Emmy Nominated® and Committed to Quality and Trust in Every Frame. 

NG Production Films of Orlando is a leading force in the realm of video production, dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, punctuality, and budget adherence to clients in Orlando and beyond, including Tampa. With a team boasting over 18+ years of invaluable television and video production experience, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our passionate and dedicated staff works tirelessly, around the clock, to ensure that every project is executed with precision and finesse. At NG Production Films, we understand the importance of time and budget constraints, and we make it our mission to deliver Full HD/4K productions that not only meet but exceed expectations, every time.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to video production quality and professionalism. We firmly believe that our commitment is unparalleled in Orlando, FL, making us the go-to choice for clients who seek extraordinary results. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with years of hands-on experience, allows us to astound our clients with completed video productions that not only meet their needs but elevate their vision to new heights.

Choose NG Production Films for a seamless, professional, and inspiring video production experience. We are not just a company; we are a team of passionate individuals ready to bring your ideas to life, ensuring that your project is delivered on time, on budget, and with the unparalleled quality that defines us as the leading Orlando video production company.

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Our Values

We believe in maintaining long-lasting relationships with each of the partners we serve. Relationships are the foundation of good business. By maintaining relationships, we can work for each other’s mutual benefit and come to understand each other more personally.

We believe in positively impacting communities through charity and service. We desire to positively impact each business and individual we collaborate with. Our company positively impacts the lives of each of our employees.

We desire to help grow each of our partners’ brands. We believe that the rising tide lifts all boats and when we can help you grow, we all grow. We strive for growth year after year in our skills, capabilities, and service.

We believe in open, honest communication with full transparency. We value our ability to openly communicate with each other to share new ideas. We extend this communication to our partners as we keep you informed every step of the process.

We believe in producing high-quality videos for our partners. Quality is at the foundation of everything we do. Starting from our quality conversations building into our quality relationships that help us produce quality content.

Our company was originally founded to work with faith-based organizations. To this day, our company still values faith-based projects and organizations and we encourage the personal faiths of each of our employees.

Our company exists to serve you. We believe in fully serving your brand and the needs of the production. Our desire to serve our partners is what gets us out of bed each and every morning.

We believe in doing everything with a spirit of integrity. To us this means full honesty and transparency in everything we do. We strive to do everything morally and justly. We require good character from our employees.

Our Culture

Your Creative Partner

At NG Production Films, we see ourselves not just as a service provider but as an integral part of your team. Invested in your unique culture and enthusiastic about the growth possibilities that lie ahead, we are dedicated to serving you as your trusted partner. With a friendly approach in the spirit of excellence and integrity, we are here to cater to all your Orlando video production needs. Let's embark on this creative journey together and bring your ideas to life.

NG Production Films views our partner relationships as valuable investments. We prioritize understanding and exceeding your needs and expectations, not only to ensure your success but to forge enduring, long-term partnerships. Unlike a fleeting transaction, we believe in the lasting impact of continued collaboration.

Our commitment goes beyond delivering a merely 'good' video – we strive for excellence. Our team goes above and beyond, working tirelessly to ensure your vision is not just met but surpassed. We consistently aim for excellent quality in every frame.

With over 18+ years of experience, our longevity in the business is a testament to the trust and satisfaction of our partners. We cherish these relationships and look forward to continuing our journey together for many more years to come.


“Exceptional work – beautiful video, great editing, easy to work with and full of innovative ideas. What more could you need? Will definitely use them again when the need arises!”


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Director, Communications and Public Affairs // Port Canaveral

Steven Linden

“Filmed a TV commercial, NG Productions walked me through the project, directed me and collaborated with me The end product was incredible. Very good filmography skills and editing skills, I highly recommend NG Productions for anything video.”


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Owner/Operator // Robinson Insurance

Shane Robinson

“Gabriel and Dominic were great to work with. They are efficient, professional and courteous. Our videos turned out amazing! Would definitely recommend. Thank you!”


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Marketing Manager // Epic Theatres

Johanna Cendejas

“I hired NG Production Films to shoot photography and video for an event my organization was putting on. Their team were clear communicators from the start, very professional and efficient the day of the event, and delivered stunning photos and video footage. I would definitely hire them again next time we’re in the Orlando area!”


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Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications — Social Lead // American Humane

Tara Loveland

“An AMAZING Video company to work with. We were able to secure this company last minute for Client Video Testimonials at our annual User Conference. Every staff member I worked with was extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire process and flexible enough to always meet our changing needs. The end result – was EXACTLY what we envisioned. We will definitely be using this company in the future again”


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Marketing Program and Events Manager // Office Practicum

Kimberly Babula

“The professionalism and creativity of NG productions made producing a video with them a wonderful experience. They always went the extra mile without being asked. I am proud to say that they video they produced was award winning (a Telly Award). I would be happy to discuss my experience with anyone interested.”


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MD // Immunsys, Inc.

Gary Onik, MD

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