Miami Video Production Services

NG Production Films delivers high quality video productions in Miami. With our industry knowledge, years of experience, the latest video equipment, and superior service, we take Miami video production to the next level!

At NG Production Films, we’ve mastered the nuances and intricacies of every form of video production from decades of experience. We have the skills and knowledge to utilize the appropriate techniques and equipment for every project.

We offer the following video production services in Miami, FL:

  • Television Shows
  • Camera Crews/Interviews
  • Television Commercials
  • Concerts / Live Events
  • Convention Productions
  • Music Videos
  • Religious Broadcasting
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Media Buying with over 85 cable & broadcast networks available

In addition to video production, we also offer advertising & marketing, as well as graphic & web design. We can create logos, generate entire website, and even develop media buying plans so that your company can reach its customers through effective advertising channels. Call us today at (407) 233-3236 to start your next video production project!

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