NG Production Films is the biggest producer of faith-based/non-profit organization video and audio in Orlando, FL, but this accomplishment didn’t happen overnight. It started in 2004 in Sanford, FL with the revered Pastor Rico Sharp. Pastor Rico Sharp was passionate about spreading his word by any means possible: visiting community streets, local schools, community colleges, even jails and prisons. Another desired channel was radio airwaves and television-that’s where NG Production Films came into play.

Pastor Rico Sharp created a DVD production of services while partnered with NG Production Films for over a decade. Pastor Rico Sharp was so pleased with the results that word-of-mouth propelled NG Production Films into the world of faith-based video production. This was an opportunity that opened doors to work with nationally recognized preachers and major Christian artists such as Fred Hammond, Vickie Winans, Dedrick Haddon, David & Tamela Man, and Martha Munizzi.

Faith-Based Video Productions in Orlando expanded to capturing live services and even gospel and Christian rock concerts. This participation in the community eventually led to work with non-profit companies, such as Florida Collation of Domestic Violence and Harvest Time International. Today, NG Production Films maintains their contribution to faith-based video production by being an exclusive partner with The Super Channel (wacx 55).

NG Production Films of Orlando looks forward to remaining an integral cornerstone of the video production community in Orlando and beyond. By persistently striving for the highest quality of work and the most responsive customer service in the industry, We will continue to provide faith-based and non-profit video productions that will always engage and enlighten audiences. Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.

Faith Based & Non-Profit Capabilities

  • TV Commercials: Whether you want to promote your ministry or non-profit organization in Orlando, FL or nationwide, we’ve got you covered.
  • TV Programs: We have produced thousands of TV programs for ministries in Orlando, FL and nationwide that aired on GEB America, Fox affiliates and locally such as Super Channel (WACX-TV) in Orlando.
  • Social Media Videos: Produce weekly or monthly messages.
  • Live Facebook and YouTube: Come join us in our Orlando, FL studio to stream LIVE Facebook and YouTube weekly videos to your audience.




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