We specialize in captioning, subtitling, video description and encoding services. We have the expertise to get it done right, resolve complex format challenges and meet your tight deadlines.

NG Production Films, Inc. is a closed captioning provider in Orlando bringing high quality accurate closed captioning service at an affordable rate. We work with you to provide a fast turn-around of closed captioning and subtitling services for all of your projects. Does your project require closed captioning for broadcast television? Do you need captioning for your DVDs, blue-ray, or Internet videos? Then NG Production Films can make that happen. Discounts available for video projects produced or directed by our company.

Whether you need closed-captioned television programs or movies for your ministry, non- profit organization, higher educational videos, corporation training videos, product infomercials, commercials or even Internet videos, we can quickly and accurately serve you.

Already have the transcript in a word processing file? This will save you time and money in getting your project accurate and in a timely manner. We can also provide you with a complete array of captioning formats for your project including any Internet format.

Captioning Capabilities

  • SubRip (.srt) – Facebook
  • Scenarist (.scc)
  • Timed Text (.ttml)
  • Quicktime Timed Text(.qt.txt)
  • Transcript (.txt)
  • WebVTT (.vtt)
  • DFXP (.dfxp)
  • Cheetah .CAP (.cap)
  • MacCaption (.mcc)
  • Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)
  • Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt)


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