5 Ways to Make Your Corporate Training Video a Success

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As excited as they may be about their new job, many new hires dread training day. Corporate training videos have a bad reputation for being dry, tedious, and even somewhat irrelevant. In truth, it is easy to make an exciting, enjoyable video that your employees will enjoy and remember. In addition, most people are much more likely to retain information presented in a visually stimulating way than by reading pages of documentation or following along as someone reads through a PowerPoint presentation. Here are five ways to make your corporate training video a success:


1) Set the Tone

As you prepare to dim the lights and press play on your video-based training session, don’t give employees a chance to settle back in their chairs and daydream before the presentation has even begun. Use the opening scene of your production to grab everyone’s attention and set the tone for the training session to follow. Try to generate curiosity by asking leading questions (to be answered throughout the video) or by giving teasers about the company environment, facts from behind-the-scenes, or even industry secrets. Successful training productions will help employees feel more invested in their company. Support their eagerness to learn by covering essential information with a personalized touch.


2) Add Humor

Although training videos carry important topics and a certain amount of decorum is required, it is possible to produce humorous or entertaining productions that still provide meaningful messages. For example, one company recently hired a filmmaker create and direct a series of short “episodes” to be used as their training material. The series followed employees of a fictitious company, with each episode dedicated to a specific training issue such as customer service or expense issues.


The videos also discussed more difficult subjects, such as harassment, in a way that made the topics approachable rather than taboo. Most material can be addressed with some elements of humor, while still presenting the deeper, more serious message. In this case, doing so helped establish an open atmosphere, where all employees could feel comfortable about approaching management in the future.


If humor is not your strong suit, or you do not feel it is appropriate for your company or certain training points, use other creative ideas to add visual interest. Keep in mind that people are much more likely to remember content if it is combined with visuals, as opposed to being presented in a text-only format. Consider using a mix of live shots, photos, graphics, and animated sequences. You could also include interviews with current employees, footage from a sales call or other client interaction, or an overview of your company website and how to navigate it.  Whether or not you decide to infuse a lot of humor into your Orlando video production, aim for a light and open atmosphere rather than one that is heavy or dry.


3) Offer Clear Explanations

Videos make it easy to cover a large amount of material in a short amount of time. However, some companies miss the mark by not recapping important information or explaining it clearly enough the first time. Although videos move in real time, many people learn at different rates. Be sure to include a recap of the most important material, and consider including “pause points” if presenting to a large group. Alternatively, break up your material into several shorter videos, each of which can go more in-depth on a single topic or two.


Another way to help make sure your training video is understandable is by creating a clear outline beforehand. Outline the entire production, starting with a rough overview of the primary topics that must be discussed. Next, fill in subtopics and begin to add more details. If you need to explain how to operate equipment, for example, you may also want to include a look at inspection guidelines, required safety gear, and what to do in case of injury. This will make preparing your shot list simple while ensuring your production is well-organized and fully comprehensive.


4) Show Off

Training videos are a great chance to show off your company and help get new employees excited about being a part of it. Take this opportunity to include footage from live events, such as conventions, trade shows, and presentations. You can also include a facilities tour, with fun asides or insider knowledge to help new hires feel “in the know”. Remember that the quality of your training video reflects your company. Employees and other personnel will be able to see the level of interest and engagement you put into both, so hire an expert Orlando video production team to ensure your training video is as professional and effective.


5) Avoid the Outdated

All training videos cover certain topics that have been around for decades, and unfortunately material that feels outdated can alienate your current viewers. Here are a few ideas to make your production more fresh, modern, and effective:

  • Don’t include any unrelated images
  • Generate new visuals: avoid cheesy graphics or outdated stock photography
  • Use quality actors or employees to act out scenarios
  • Write the script using everyday language and a natural, conversational tone
  • Shoot scenes in an appropriate setting, but avoid busy backgrounds
  • Hire a professional camera crew with top-of-the-line equipment and strong editing skills


Quality imagery, in particular, will instantly modernize your production. Today’s equipment is much more advanced than it was a decade ago, and our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films is fully equipped with the best cameras, lenses, audio equipment, and editing software. We can help make your corporate training video a success by combining footage from live events or filming new scenes to help get your message across. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.