How to Improve Your Convention Video Production

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Orlando plays host to thousands of conventions and conferences each year, drawing in countless visitors. These guests are often distinguished business leaders and workers, who attend conventions to learn about and network with other businesses and individuals in their field. How well does your company represent itself at area conventions, conferences, and trade shows? Make your Orlando convention video production stand out with these helpful tips:

Know Your Audience

Are you putting together a video loop that can be shown at a conference table or a trade show booth? If so, you will be vying for attention amongst dozens of other vendors and businesses. Your video should be eye-catching and informative, with an overall polished and professional look. Consider using clear titles to explain each shot or section within the video so that people dropping by your table can understand what is going on at any time. You can also use graphics, or a mix of live footage, photographs, panoramic shots, product demonstrations, and client interactions.

If you are filming your activities at a convention, how will you use the footage? Are you planning to include it in internal training videos, or will you post it on your website for potential clients to view? Your convention proceedings can also be used for a variety of marketing and advertising purposes. Allow your camera crew to capture a variety of candid and personal shots, which can be easily edited into a video marketing campaign.

Build a Strategy

You should never begin work on a video production without narrowing down the film’s goal and purpose. Create alist of the things you would like your convention footage to include, from interviews, product demos, trade show booth interactions, or presentations. Figure out if your video will be used as an attention-getting commercial or trade show video loop, or if the production will be a little longer and used for later, conference room presentations.

Videos are specialized marketing tools, so you should use their selling power to your advantage. The goal is to solve a problem, whether that is for internal use or a client’s particular need. A great video will help establish your credibility and encourage potential clients to talk to you about your products and services. It can help build your brand recognition while clearly communicating what your company does or offers.

Hire the Best

Conventions are notoriously noisy, so you need to be prepared whether you are playing a video on loop or filming footage on the go. Your video needs to be visually engaging, with even audio and lighting levels. Stellar editing is essential for any great production, so seek a team with experience.

If you need help capturing shots at your next convention, consider collaborating with our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films. With over a decade of dedicated film production experience, we can handle all of your audio, lighting, and editing needs. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call NG Production Films at 877-203-2895 or simply fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.