10 Must-Have Tips for Hiring Camera Crews for a Live Event

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Is your company hosting, attending, or presenting at an upcoming convention, tradeshow, or another live event? Footage from these events can be used in a variety of ways, including as promotional material or in training videos, commercials, and trade show videos. In order to capture the best footage, however, you should follow these ten tips for hiring a quality camera crew:


  1. Determine the Number of Crews Needed

If you are filming a live event in a single space, such as a conference room or large convention ballroom, one camera may be enough. If, however, you want to capture footage from simultaneous events or angles, more cameras and crew members may be required.


  1. Stick to the Budget

As you prepare to hire a camera crew for a live event, set aside enough of your marketing budget to make the investment worthwhile. It may be tempting to cut corners by not hiring a professional camera crew, but your production will likely suffer from the resulting loss of quality. Once you find a production company, however, make sure they are willing to work within your established budget. There should be no hidden fees or expensive add-ons after the fact.


  1. Compare Commitment

Ideally, you want to hire a crew who is passionate about filmmaking, and who will channel that passion and dedication into capturing your footage. The entire production crew should be fully invested in the film project, with palpable sincerity. In addition, your crew should be eager to understand your niche market in order to capture essential information and meaningful shots.


  1. Ask about the Equipment

Not all camera and microphones are created equal, and the differences in post-production are clear. If you want crisp convention footage and clear, clean audio for presentations and interviews, the equipment your camera crew uses must be top-of-the-line. To ensure the highest-quality production, your crew should also be trained and up-to-date on aspects of filmmaking including resolutions, formats, frame rates, and filters.


  1. Question Their Experience

A good-quality camera and microphone are not all it takes to make a great Orlando video production. Key components to the process include visual composition, perspective, and movement. The production crew should be capable of managing compositions, adjusting angles, setting up precise lighting, and capturing quality audio without hassle. They must also be technically proficient and experienced in handling all of the necessary equipment. Finally, your crew should have proper safety equipment and training and carry proper filming permits. A well-established Orlando video production company is most likely to have crews with the experience and expertise your event deserves.


  1. Examine Adaptability

No matter how experienced and well-equipped your prospective camera crew is, will they be easy to work with? This is a huge consideration, as a camera crew should never add to your stress level. In fact, they should reduce stress by managing aspects of the shoot and handling any potential problems by staying flexible. Your crew should be patient during delays, willing to reset a shot without fuss, and generally help put everyone at ease. Often, a crew’s past experiences will enable them to offer suggestions to better capture a room or improve a shot.


  1. Connect Creatively

Aside from being easy to work with, you should feel comfortable interacting with your camera crew on a creative level, exchanging ideas and exploring new possibilities. Many aspects of conventions are fast-paced and exciting, so you do not want the resulting footage to read as dry or stale. In addition to capturing and editing the best content, your production crew should respond with tips, suggestions, ideas, and insider knowledge to help take your footage to the next level.


  1. Review Portfolios

As you choose between production companies for a camera crew, consider their reputation in the area. If you came to a company based on a personal recommendation, ask your contact for more information. Otherwise, you may be able to request recommendations from the company’s previous clients. In addition, examine their online portfolio for examples of their work. If you do not see anything related tontine industry, contact the company to inquire about pertinent experiences and examples.


  1. Communicate Openly

Signs of a great, communicative camera crew include:

  • Responds to emails, phone calls, or other messages quickly
  • Open to ideas and suggestions
  • Offers tips and brainstorming assistance
  • Ask questions
  • Answers your questions clearly and efficiently
  • Eager to learn all about your business and production goals.


By working alongside you throughout the production process, a great camera crew will learn how to best communicate your message to your specific audience.


  1. Hire Local

Hiring a local camera crew is one of the best things you can do for your production, for a variety of reasons. First, you can easily examine the production company’s reputation and examine their body of work. Second, local crews understand the ins-and-outs of capturing Orlando conventions, from navigating the convention halls to knowing what the lighting will be like. Finally, hiring a local production company can be the start of a long-term business relationship. Hiring a single company for different events and productions, instead of various freelancers, means your camera crew will have a much better understanding of your niche market and individual production goals.


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