How to Apply the Rules of Theater to Your Next Video Production

No matter the subject of your next business or corporate film production, you can learn a thing or two from the world of theater. Live shows produced on stage must include many strong elements to captivate their audience, including the script, visuals, and delivery. Here are several theatrical tips to consider implementing in your next Orlando video production.

MOSCOW - JAN 18: Actor Dmitry Vysotsky, journalists and camerame

Prepare the Script

Depending on the length of your video project, you may only have a few seconds to get your message across to your audience. Examples of common corporate film productions include promo videos, commercials, product introductions, infomercials, and training videos. Your script needs to be concise and streamlined, but it can also show elements of your company’s personality. A written out, word-for-word script may not be necessary, but you should have a detailed plan of what should be included in the production. Your dedicated camera crew can help you brainstorm ideas and create a storyboard.

Pick Your Cast and Crew

Your “cast” can be made up entirely of your employees or customers. Would you like to include snippets of interviews with your staff, showcase your designers, or feature customer feedback and testimonials? In addition, consider whom else you will be working with. Hiring a quality Orlando video production team is the best way to make your filming day a breeze. Look for a knowledgeable, skilled crew outfitted with the latest audio and lighting equipment.

Set the Stage

Whether you plan to include a single shot or a multitude of scenes in your video, consider how that environment will translate on camera. Your crew can help adjust the lighting and audio levels, but consider how you want to use the space. Do a walk-through of the rooms you intend to use and gather any necessary props, products, or equipment. Additionally, consider how background music, text, and graphics can make a difference in your production. Combined, these elements will set the stage for the best video possible.

Know Your Audience

What age levels or other demographics are you targeting with your commercial or product video? Do you want your audience to purchase a product or visit your office, or are you simply hoping to generate buzz and get your name out there? Forming a clear goal and keeping it in mind will help keep your video focused and appealing.

Deliver Your Message with Confidence

In order to leave your audience with an overall impression or image of your company, the information must be presented in a clear and understandable way. Theater terminology includes diction and delivery, both of which are applicable here. The video itself should be interesting and captivating without distracting from the overall goal or message.

Be Flexible

Perhaps the people you interview will be shy, soft-spoken, or speak a mile a minute. Maybe the weather will refuse to cooperate, or you will realize halfway through the shoot that things simply are not working. Actors on stage are taught to expect the unexpected, and to improvise text and actions if necessary. Being flexible and open to changes during the filming of your video production may make the end result even better.

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