How To Successfully Film Live Events

Filming a live event can be tricky if you’re unsure where to start and if you don’t have an Orlando video production crew around to help you out. It may be hard to predict what will happen especially when you’re filming a live concert or sporting event, but being prepared can help you get the most out of your next live event.

1. Observe the venue beforehand and learn the best location to place your camera. Will you prefer to get close up shots of the performers or will your Orlando video production be better viewed from afar? This can easily be determined by a visit to the venue before the show.

2. You might want to consider using more than one camera to make sure you’re catching every important detail of the event. A variety of shots edited together will make your live video production look more professional and you won’t miss as much of the event if you’re constantly moving to get a specific shot.

3. Sound is one of the most important aspects of filming, especially when you’re filming a concert. Make sure that your equipment has the connectability to record sound at the venue before the event. Your main contact to make sure the sound is ideal for video recording is the sound engineer of the venue; they can help establish video and sound capabilities.

4. If you’re using more than one camera, make sure they are the same type of camera to ensure that you’re getting the same video quality. Your Orlando video production crew can help provide the best filming equipment and knowledge to create a production that will exceed your expectations.

5. If you will be filming on stage, make sure not to get in the way of the performance and wear dark clothing to avoid being a distraction. Make sure to also get shots of the whole event, including the audience. Your aim is to essentially tell a story, to make a productions that shows whole picture.

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