The holiday season is here, and it’s a goldmine of creative opportunities for marketers.

Sometimes the video techniques a company will use depend on the industry they’re based in. However, even a more general video can get a holiday makeover with the right approach.

This is handy when a person is creating videos that don’t exactly fit into specific industries or are simple in their purpose – such as a company announcement or an educational presentation. Here are a few tricks for making these basic Orlando video productions a little more festive.

4 Editing Tips for Holiday Videos

No matter what kind of video you’re making or how long it is, simple edits can help it fit in with the holiday season. These tips will work for any video and don’t require any type of complex planning or reworking of the content.

1.    Holiday Borders

To improve a video’s holiday appeal, try adding a festive border to it. Common options include wreaths, Christmas lights, and ribbons. This simple edit will accentuate the focus of the video while surrounding it (literally) in a Christmas/holiday theme that viewers are likely to love.

2.    Snow Overlay

For those who want to go a little less specific to accommodate an audience that celebrates many different holidays, there’s the winter theme to consider. As long as the area where the business is based gets snow during the winter, a snow overlay is perfect for holiday videos. The overlay will cover the entire video, but it’s subtle enough to enhance the presentation instead of distracting from it.

3.    Seasonal Backing Track

Whether a video has music, commentary, or both, the holiday season is the perfect time to slip one extra track into the mix. A simple melody of a non-copyrighted Christmas or holiday song works well. It’s even good to use a sound effect like sleigh bells to create the holiday ambience through the video’s audio.

4.    Custom Watermark

Many companies will add a watermark to their video featuring the company’s name or even the title of the series a video belongs to. To add the tiniest holiday touch, consider customizing this watermark. Wrap it in lights, dot the top with snow, or even scatter Christmas gifts around the base of it. Any of these are bound to put the person watching this Orlando video production project in a holiday mood.

Create Perfect Orlando Video Projects All Year

Whether it’s a holiday or special occasion, there are always small edits that can make a video better. The most effective way to discover these small touches is to enlist the help of a skilled Orlando video production expert with plenty of experience creating quality content.

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