The holiday season is here, but there’s still time to create that perfect video viewers will love.

The nice thing about this time of year for marketers is that it presents so many opportunities. No matter what field a company is based in, they can take advantage of the holiday theme to create an Orlando video production project.

Suggestions for Holiday-Themed Video Production Projects

Here are five ideas (one per industry) on how to create stunning content that fits perfectly with the holiday season. Not only are they perfectly in line with this time of the year, but each also adds value for the viewer in its own way.

1.    Retailers: Mix Deals and Charity Causes

Every retailer has sales for the holiday season. Many also focus on collecting money for charities. One creative way to give an Orlando video production project more value is to mix both of these. Go with a “give and receive” theme, and show the retailer is focused on both offering great deals and giving back to the community.

2.    Culinary Companies: Show Holiday Recipes

Videos are very effective at explaining recipes and showing what the finished product should look like. Restaurants, catering companies, and other culinary-based businesses should plug holiday treats around this time of year. If they don’t have their own, simply look up a popular idea then record the steps – and consider putting a personal spin on it.

3.    Home Contractors: Help Homeowners Welcome Guests

It’s estimated over 107 million people travel for the holidays. This often means accommodating family members who are coming to visit. Home improvement companies can provide tips on how to prepare bedrooms, make space, and do quick cleaning work to make sure everything is set to welcome loved ones.

4.    Hotels: Provide a Perfect Holiday Destination

For those who aren’t staying with relatives – or for those who are traveling to make holiday deliveries like a real-life Santa – a cozy, clean hotel is a necessity. The travel and hospitality industry should put out videos showing their accommodations and demonstrating why they’re the best around. Don’t forget to show off some seasonal décor as well.

5.    Fitness Businesses: Help Improve Holiday Health

The holidays involve a lot of relaxing and a lot of good food. It can be hard to stay healthy in that scenario, but this is where fitness companies come in. Gyms, health clubs, or anyone who sells nutritional items can provide tips like how to make healthy holiday dinner substitutions and how to fit in exercise with a busy travel schedule.

Push Out Last-Minute Holiday Orlando Video Productions

While the holidays will be here soon, there’s still a lot of time to get out a great video. It’s easy with the help of a skilled Orlando video production company.

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