It’s always exciting when a company comes out with something new.

Those who shop with a company as regulars may be first in line to try out the latest and greatest addition to their catalog. New products can even be effective for bringing in newcomers who hadn’t heard about the brand before.

When debuting a new product, how should the promotion go? Using video is effective for showing off a new product and building up the interest to make it a success.

How Video Production Helps Product Releases

When a new product is announced, people don’t just want to hear about it. They want to see it. They want to view it from every angle, survey it in action, and assess what they think about it from this information.

Videos are the best type of media to use for many reasons. For one, they generate buzz and provide more insight than any other type of media out there. Another reason is they can be used to show off multiple aspects of the same topic.

In one video, a product can be shown off, demonstrated, and even have its pitch strengthened through testimonials by those who have used it in test releases. The use of video can be effective for all products, but new releases can benefit from it even more.

Provide the Video as an Exclusive Preview

Exclusive previews are one of the most valuable ways to promote a new product. The product can be demoed early on to provide some preliminary buzz and get people talking. A simple article or even a picture will not suffice for an exclusive preview.

To really make people feel like they’re having a chance to see something they don’t want to miss out on, use video.

Videos fit well in a number of different settings. They’re great for social media, they complement blogs perfectly, and they can even be used in email marketing. When an exclusive preview is included in video form, people will get excited about actually getting to see the product rather than simply read about it.

Integrate the CTA with the Video

To truly capitalize on a video promoting a new product, the call-to-action (CTA) should be integrated along with it. This could come in the form of a clickable link on an image or text within the video, or even a link in the video description.

The one thing videos do best is to capture viewers’ attention. To keep this attention isn’t enough – video creators must capitalize on it. Inserting a relevant, catchy CTA with a video can guide people to the new product listing and urge them to make a purchase.

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