It’s easy to oversimplify what businesses are about.  

Sure, every company wants to engage with customers and turn a profit. However, the best companies focus on creating healthy and positive company cultures that benefit everyone.

Some people will even stick with a company primarily because they like the culture. Positive values may be important to prospective new hires, potential investors, plus compliance agencies.

One of the best ways to show these values is through the engaging media type that is video production.

Promote Diversity and Inclusivity in the Workforce

Diverse and inclusive workforces value their employees as more than just means to a profit.

Using video marketing, companies can show how diverse their workforces are. There are several benefits. First, it helps with attracting new workers, especially those that place high importance on diversity.

Companies that promote diversity and inclusivity can also emphasize the business case for it. Workplaces that open themselves to talent pools their competitors may skip out on can reap the benefits. This can include higher performance in sales, retention, and innovation.

Orlando video production projects can show how companies take diversity beyond the realm of conversation and embrace it through actions.

Maintain an Ongoing Commitment to Accessibility

Another area of focus that impacts the workforce is accessibility. When a company makes it easy for people to approach the organization, it opens the company up to more than just new hires.

About 15% of the world’s population lives with a disability. While everyone’s situation is different, showing a commitment to accessibility opens the door to people who may otherwise have been left out.

Not only does this show the company is serious about reaching everyone it can, but it shows the company is willing to make extra efforts for workers, customers, and anyone who wants to reach out.

As for the “ongoing” aspect of this commitment, this year has demonstrated how accessibility can evolve as a term.

While a person’s age or immune system on its own may not have warranted accessibility considerations, evolving health challenges means a company must evolve their approach to addressing them.

Showing social distancing precautions, advanced cleaning schedules, and remote/hybrid options through video may make health-conscious people feel more comfortable interacting with the company.

Show Sustainability Efforts and the Results

Sustainability can benefit the workplace in multiple ways. Like diversity and inclusion, this value can empower people, which in turn may boost profits.

With over two-thirds of consumers preferring eco-friendly brands, sustainability is an investment in the future.

As for how to demonstrate this through video production, a company can show off recycling efforts or low-emission equipment.

Companies can also show the results of sustainable efforts, such as cleaner bodies of water, freshly planted trees, and more.

Promote Business Values Through Orlando Video Production

When a company shows it cares about more than just profits, it may see its profits rise.

Being considerate of the needs of others, promoting an inclusive work environment, and helping the environment are all positive values.

Give these values the promotion they deserve by calling on a professional Orlando video production company.

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