As the economy reopens and the world transitions back into normalcy, it’s time to get back to work.

For some people, this means finding a new workplace. Just as job seekers are eager to find a new professional match, companies with positions to fill are eager as well.

These companies only want the best talent, and that means using the best hiring and staffing strategies. One way to spice up job posts is with Orlando video production. Here’s how this approach could make postings more accessible and increase the chance they’ll return the right applicants.

Adding Videos Can Make Job Postings Stand Out

As of now, roughly half of Americans are looking for work.

When a company puts job postings on the web, they know there’s plenty of competition. Many companies saw their staff slashed, and they want to recover those positions, so they have a full team.

Imagine scrolling through countless posts of company history, position requirements, and lists of benefits. After a while, the text would run together. It’d be easy for a person to miss out on a potentially perfect fit because they’re so overwhelmed by the volume of postings.

A video in a job posting has the same impact as a video in a blog, email, or landing page. It commands attention and gets the reader curious.

Videos on job posts could also be used to flesh out the different aspects of the job and make the application process feel more inviting.

Showing the Facility and Staff Makes Applicants More Relaxed

Even when a person is qualified for a job, there’s always a fear of the unknown.

Skills aside, a person who applies for (and gets) a new job may be apprehensive about the new environment. A video lets them see the facility, functioning as the next best thing to walking through the doors and into the offices.

What about the staff? Sure, landing pages on websites are often dedicated to helping newcomers meet the team. However, when this team is a person’s future coworkers, they want to have a more personal connection.

Videos can show the staff members in action, allow their voices to be heard, and show their personalities. It makes the applicant feel a little more at ease, even if they’re still in the application phase.

Showing Job Duties with Orlando Video Production Improves the Post

Arguably more anxiety-inducing than a new environment is a new set of responsibilities. Even if a person is skilled in a field, every company does things slightly different than their competition.

The best way to show a person what to expect is to demonstrate job duties in video format, where they can be seen in detail.

While most staffing and recruiting strategies see this type of video used for the training phase, it’s wise to introduce applicants to the requirements of the job early on, so there’s no confusion.

Even a seasoned video marketer may need help creating the perfect Orlando video production project for their job posting – and an Orlando video production company can make sure the content is high-quality, representing both the position and the company well.

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