Most people trust what customers say about a company more than what these companies say about themselves. As a result, consumers are likely to spend more with companies with good customer testimonial videos. Experts believe they are a gold mine waiting for someone to tap. 

While a company may know its stuff and honestly advertise itself as such, it only truly matters what its customers say about their experiences. Testimonials are an ideal way to convey the message to potential buyers. Here’s why. 

Why Testimonial Videos are Important     

Testimonial videos are the seal of approval most everyday customers need to close a deal or make a purchase.

In a world rife with “fake news” and the growing distrust in “influencers,” customers are fed up with sensationalist claims. It is precisely why testimonials are essential for building relationships with customers and marketers alike.

Still not convinced of the significance of testimonials? Find out why testimonials are a critical part of any marketing strategy.  

Builds Credibility and Trust     

Reputation matters in business. 

Which company is a person more likely to go for, the one with zero reviews or the one with a lot of positive reviews? That is why testimonials are so essential for enlisting the most enthusiastic brand advocates to produce reputational flex on behalf of a brand.

According to BigCommerce, consumers reading positive reviews and testimonials trust a brand even more. Most trust online reviews as much as, if not more than, personal recommendations. That is a significant amount of credibility to leverage with potential customers.

Provides Social Proof

People buy products simply because celebrities endorse them. They also eat out at restaurants because family or friends strongly recommend them. And people will stand in line just to find out what the fuss is about.

Used correctly, it could be a very effective marketing tool. Most people say positive and negative reviews impact purchasing decisions. Good testimonials tap into people’s herd psyche and convince them that they need that product or service because everyone else says it is a good brand to patronize.

Addresses Problems and Pain Points

A great testimonial can show how brands can solve their customers’ recurring challenges. Even better, it can do this much more quickly than a brochure or press release, especially when brands take the video testimonial route.

Most people say they would rather watch short videos to learn about a product or service than those who prefer text-based articles. By incorporating the power of video testimonials with demonstrations from real users, companies check off all the right boxes in customer engagement.

Humanizes a Brand 

Everyone loves good stories. Curiosity and empathy for others are ingrained in people’s psyches. It is another explanation of why testimony is so effective.

They deliver a human angle of interest that allows consumers to identify, better understand and connect with the products and services in front of them.

Big-named brands pay millions of dollars on polished advertising campaigns that reveal the human side of their businesses. Testimonials can get the same results at a fraction of the cost. Not all B2B buyers are willing to trust provider-related content, so it is worth the effort.

Increases Conversions

Customers who interact with a review are more likely to convert, and companies with a significant number of reviews can increase conversion rates. That goes to show you that positive testimonials bring more customers to a brand and are more likely to convert. 

It is easier than a person might think to get these testimonials too. Research collected by G2 reveals that most reviews stem from follow-up emails, and more consumers leave reviews for local businesses when asked.

That is why brands should be more proactive when it comes to their conversion numbers by posting testimonial videos from happy customers. 

What Makes a Good Testimonial Video?

Testimonials should be as detailed as possible. The video testimonial must convey all of the information that the brand wants to promote. They should not be vague. For example, the customer shouldn’t simply say, “Working with XYZ Company was great. Their customer service was amazing.”

Instead, the testimonial should address why the customer reached out to the brand in the first place. That way, those watching the video can better relate to the subject of the testimonial.

For example, the person giving the testimony could say, “I was struggling to find a company that could repair my father’s antique pocket watch. At XYZ, they understood how much my father’s watch meant to me. They were able to get all the parts needed, going above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of my watch while repairing it. I will only trust my precious heirlooms with XYZ.”

Tips on How To Get (and Use) Video Testimonials

It is always a good time to ask a customer for a testimonial. Brands often offer special incentives for customers that leave positive testimonies about them. Here are some tips on how to get customers to be a part of the company’s testimonial videos:

  • Ask for the testimonial right away
  • Automate your testimonial workflow
  • Make it easy for the customer to leave a testimonial
  • Give clients inspiration

Each time a customer submits a review, brands should contact them to see if they are willing to do a video testimonial. It is also a good idea to post these testimonials on all social sites and the company’s website.

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