5 Things Your Video Production Must Have

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There are certain qualities found in commercials and other film projects that can make or break a production. No matter what type of Orlando video production you are planning, here are five things to incorporate:


1) Quality Actors and Voice-Overs


Stilted, stiff acting has ruined many video productions. Whether you plan to hire actors internally or audition local talent for your shoot, make sure your entire team is professional and experienced. Listen for clarity, diction, intonation, and pacing. In addition, ensure that your actors are friendly and charismatic, with a personality that will translate on screen. Finally, make sure that your actors are believable, sincere, and dedicated to their work. Consumers want to see the genuine personas created by actors immersed in their roles, not any blank placeholders who are clearly just reciting lines.


2) A Clear Vision


Companies should only produce a new video production if they have something to say. Otherwise, consumers may skip or be annoyed by overused content. To avoid alienating your audience before filming even begins, consider these three factors that can help give your production a clear vision.


  • Budget: Look over your financial records and determine your marketing budget before approaching a video production company about filming. Many companies are flexible and willing to work with a variety of budgets, but you must have something in mind. Deciding your budget ahead of time will help determine the scope and range of your production, which can avoid costly add-ons in the future. While calculating the cost of your commercial, be sure to include things like actor fees, location permit fees, and media placement costs.
  • Target Audience: Who do you want to see your production? Are you targeting families with small children, or homeowners who need upgrades? Do you want to attract a younger audience or cater to a particular gender? Even if everyone could use your company’s products and services, each commercial you make needs a target audience to add intelligibility and a clear call-to-action.
  • Well-Defined Goals: While determining the target audience, you should also consider the production’s purpose. For a single 15- or 30-second spot ad, choose a main goal along with one or two other themes you would like to include. Will your clip highlight a seasonal sale or show off a new product line? In either case, you can also allude to great customer service or knowledgeable technicians. However, do not try to also cram in fifteen other aspects of your company unless you are specifically creating a type of highlights reel.


3) Up-to-Date Equipment


It is possible to create a share-worthy video using almost any type of camera. However, hiring a professional camera crew that films with top-of-the-line equipment will ensure your company puts its best foot forward. High-quality images will translate well across any device, with crystal clear audio to match. There will be no mysterious shadows or distracting bright patches, and lighting levels will be evened out across scene changes. Plus, your crew will help manage any excess noise from cars, pedestrian traffic, the wind, office clamor, and more. Clients will appreciate the clarity and professionalism, which in turn can help boost your brand’s overall image.


4) Plenty of Time in Pre-Production


Avoid wasting time and money on changes and reshoots by planning out every step of your Orlando video production from beginning to end. The pre-production process includes nearly everything except the filming itself. Begin with budgeting and brainstorming, then funnel and focus those ideas into useable material. Start writing the script and move to storyboarding, consulting other employees and your video production team along the way. Make a production schedule and shot list, leaving extra time in case of delays or changes. Have your actors test the dialogue to ensure it makes sense and sounds natural, and obtain any necessary permits ahead of time.


5) Well-Developed Plans for Post-Production


Many people do not realize that the pre-production process should also include post-production plans. For example, talk to your crew about the editing process ahead of time. Do you prefer long, seamless shots or a fast-paced style with many scene changes? The crew can also add captions, graphics, and many types of special effects depending on what you want. Meanwhile, determining your production goals and target audience will also help you decide where to place the video. Many advertisements work well splashed across social media or run in advance of YouTube videos or other websites. Still, some commercials may be best suited for cable or broadcast television.


For help with media buying along with all of the planning and filming that comes it, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. We have the advanced equipment and dedicated crew necessary to create high-quality custom videos for your company. Our team can also capture live events across the area, including presentations, speeches, and conventions. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.