If someone has watched hundreds of chess games and read dozens of books on the subject – they may be an avid fan, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be successful when they sit down to play.

Likewise, many companies in and around Orlando invest dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars into video production and marketing each month. Yet, not all of them receive the results they want.

For anyone who is looking to get more out of their Orlando video production in terms of traffic, leads, and revenue, there’s one piece of the puzzle that should never be left out – strategy.

Like chess players who anticipate their opponent’s next move, marketers must anticipate their target audience’s needs by using video in accordance with a strategy proven to work.

Parts of Video Marketing Where Strategy Is Crucial

For those who are reading this only to realize they don’t have a dedicated content marketing strategy, no worries – one survey showed only just over a third of responders did.

Content strategy not only depicts what the piece is intended to accomplish, but it also refers to how the piece is created. Take scriptwriting, for example. Some people may think a video script won’t have as much of an impact on a video’s performance in search results as say a blog would. While the latter’s text is processed by a search engine when displaying results, keywords are for more than just rankings.

For example, if “computer systems” doesn’t rank as well as “affordable computer systems,” it’s better to use the latter even if the text will be read aloud. Keywords are popular because they’re things a viewer looks for – the more specific topics are, the better the chance the video will connect with the searcher.

Another area where strategy is important is the platform. Using videos on any number of social platforms will require a unique approach. For example, using it on Twitter may require a person to get the point across quicker, while sharing content on LinkedIn may mean using a more technical approach.

Even the thumbnail can be a part of a content strategy. For those who are looking to create a more light-hearted tone with their marketing, quirky thumbnails with funny faces are a smart choice. Those who want a more serious, a data-oriented approach may use a chart or graph as part of their thumbnail.

Building an Orlando Video Production Strategy

There are countless elements that can go into an Orlando video production strategy from keyword research in speech writing to platform selection and thumbnail design. No matter the strategy, things are always easier when working with a skilled Orlando video production company.

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