How to Use the Pinterest Front Page for Video Inspiration

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Have you ever heard of or used Pinterest? The site acts as a virtual bulletin board where users can “pin” photos as well as links to videos or external websites. Each user can pin new items from various websites or by browsing other users’ boards. The combination of pins on each account holder’s front page is individualized, and these pins can offer significant film inspiration. Keep reading to discover how Pinterest can spark creativity and provide ideas for your Orlando video production.


Why Pinterest?

Pinterest fills a niche in the social media canon. Users can message pins to friends, create shared inspiration boards, and follow any other user for inspiration, including friends, strangers, fashion designers, and even museums. People primarily think of Pinterest as a place for crafters to share do-it-yourself projects and tutorials, but the site plays host to a variety of other topics.


A person’s Pinterest home page is based on their existing pins and favorites, so it will suggest similar ideas from all other Pinners. This can eventually lead to narrow results, although users can easily search for and pin new or more foreign ideas, thus refreshing the front page’s content. A current front page could include typography posters, travel destinations, inspirational quotes, recipes, seasonal decorations, and a variety of memes. These broad categories lead to a wide range of presented ideas, which in turn can offer major inspiration for any project, on or off Pinterest.


Visually Stimulating

If you do not currently have a Pinterest account, consider signing up for one or asking a friend to see their home page. The front page has rectangular pins organized into vertical columns. Some pins are one-image only, while others may need to be vertically expanded to see all of the images. Users can include a brief description or keywords that are listed below each pin. Clicking on a pin will open it in a new page, where you may see more information as well as related pins. Clicking on the image again typically takes you to the image’s source website, which is why many companies are beginning to use Pinterest as a virtual storefront. If you sell any products online, consider starting a Pinterest account for your business.


Rich Colors

The clean, symmetrical layout of the Pinterest front page is matched only by the myriad of rich colors it encompasses. Many pins feature beautifully photographed items or objects with vibrant, complementary colors. You can use these principals in your video production: just as each pin is crafted to stand out, so should your video. Gaudy text or loud voiceovers are not necessary; instead, audiences are more likely to respond positively if you create a visually impactful video.


Composition and Photography

As mentioned, Pinterest features objects in the best light possible, whether the object in question is a living room set or a casserole. For your video production, think in terms of balance and beauty. Symmetry is a powerful tool, but you can also experiment with angles as well as the depth of field. Hiring a professional video production team will help you avoid jarring cuts or jumpy scene changes in post-production.



Pinterest includes plenty of recipes and closet organization tips, but it is also home to endless funny comics, drawings, photographs, memes, and more. Many users simply message these relatable, humorous pins to their friends, adding their own commentary for an extra laugh. As you prepare to begin your next film production, thinking about how Pinterest does humor will remind you to keep it light and relatable. Think about how your potential clients interact with you as well as your business. You can also browse through a few pop culture pins to stay relevant. Even if you do not incorporate character references of any kind in your production, they can help you cater to your intended consumers in terms of style and vocabulary. The more you know about your desired audience, the more effective you will be at reaching them.


Informative Hub

Popular to contrary belief, Pinterest is not just for people who post recipes and do-it-yourself projects. Users pin hundreds of infographics and other tutorials each day. These tools help users decide what book to read, which size rug to use under a bed, and how to maximize their kitchen storage. If these ideas seem completely unrelated to your video production, think again. The idea of infographics is that they are visually appealing and transmit a plethora of information while being extremely compact. Data becomes design, and users soak it up.


To translate the idea of infographics into your video productions, first narrow your focus. Have a pure goal or vision in mind for the production, and ensure it makes sense as you move through the storyboarding process. Keep your ideas, message, and tone consistent, and integrate new information in a clear and concise way. Aside from merely listing facts about your business, you can easily incorporate things like facility tours, employee introductions, and product demonstrations. By thinking in terms infographics, it is possible to add extra tidbits of information without overwhelming your production’s main focus or message.



Above all, browsing the Pinterest front page can remind you to embrace creativity and fresh ideas. Brides-to-be use the site for wedding inspiration, teachers pin lesson plans and resource websites, and moms of all ages pin parenting tips. In addition, local artists post their paintings, knitters share new patterns, and photographers pin for composition and color inspiration. Join the shared inspiration of this community of users, and see how those ideas can translate into a successful video production.


If you are feeling motivated by the Pinterest home page, take that inspiration to the next level by contacting our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films. We will help guide you through the brainstorming and storyboarding process, and then our dedicated crew will set up shots, film, and handle all edits in post-production. Call us today at 877-203-2895 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.