Communication, the key to a successful video production.

Communication. I’m sure you’ve heard that word a dozen times either in school, work, or even in your daily life. Communication is a key factor to create an effective and efficient video production. There are three factors that can define the word “communication” with your client and/or vendor and how they can make your next video production successful. Those three factors are: scheduling, deliverables and defining your vision. With a better Orlando video production, you will need to utilize the 3 components and below I will discuss the importance of them.

First, lets dig into the main factor, scheduling. Scheduling “ALL” shoots with your client can be an important asset to your production and budget. The word “ALL” was placed in caps for a reason. It should be self explanatory, but I’ll go into some examples. Let’s say you were hired to produce a corporate video in Orlando, FL and you needed 3 days of shooting, such as, interviews on day one and the other two days for B-roll. Try to coordinate with your client all the interviews on one day and figure out where and when you want to schedule each B-roll shot within the other two days. Take this word of advice: “Always ask your client if there is anything important happening, that is relevant to your shoot within those 3 days”. Sometimes the client assumes you already know and the generic response is “ohh, that happened yesterday, I figured you knew”. By doing so, you will cover the important pieces and not lose any additional days which could cost you additional dollars.

Here is an example video that took weeks of planning and scheduling:

Okay, you heard about the fun part with scheduling; let’s talk about deliverables. When negotiating with your client, be sure to ask them “what are your final deliverable request”? This will help you and the client understand what they are expecting when you finish their Orlando video production. Poor communication will result in very disappointed clients and your final budget. Usually, corporate clients would like a high-resolution full HD file on a thumb drive and/or data DVD and a low-resolution Internet HD file for uploading purposes as their final deliverables. Without communicating properly with your client, they could be expecting and/or requesting 100 DVD’s with DVD authoring, 10 Beta SX master tapes, etc. and we all know this could cost several dollars and time that was never budgeted in your initial agreement. Next time, make that extra step and re-emphasize, “what are your final deliverable request”?

Defining your vision. Think about that for a second. Usually, when drafting up a quote with your potential or current clients, you mention, “What is your vision”? Some clients don’t have a vision and they depend on the professionals to come up with the idea and flow of the video. You and the client could be thinking of the wrong thing and it could cost you a lot of time and money at the end to fix. For example, if you are creating a short film and you’re calling a group of people in the film a specific name and filmed everything with that vision; but yet your client realizes that maybe it was a bad idea to call everyone that name specifically and decides to keep it generic. In this situation, you’ve spent shoot days, actors, editing, etc., that could have been avoided if there was a defined vision prior to filming.

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