Whether it’s a company marketing their products to customers or a corporation aiming their offerings at other businesses, one thing is certain – having the right promotional strategy is important.

The preferred advertising medium for many organizations is videos. They can catch a viewer’s attention, they can provide a wealth of information in a short time, and they’re less likely to be passed over than a paragraph of text or even a graphic.

Working with an Orlando video production company can help any organization get the high-quality videos they need moving forward. As the new year approaches, it is important to understand all the things that can be used to make a video more impactful. Here are three things to remember for a 2022 video marketing strategy.

Video Production Pros Can Improve a Strategy

1. Uniformity and Originality Are Both Important

When it comes to creating a video for marketing purposes, many people have their own ideas. But since videos are so valuable, most companies like using them on a regular basis. This brings up an important question – should the videos all be unique from one another, or should they be similar?

It may seem surprising, but both of these qualities are important to videos. Similar intros, watermarks, and lengths can make it easy for people to move from one video to the next, and to associate all of them with the same company.

Originality in terms of the content and presentation will keep viewers interested, and ensure they absorb the material in each.

2. Videos Can Be Informative and Entertaining

Some people think videos must either entertain the viewer (similar to animations, music videos, etc.) or inform the viewer (such as with guides, and educational presentations). However, a quality video can have both of these characteristics.

Sometimes the way the information is conveyed can make it entertaining as it informs. Orlando camera crews and editing specialists know how to present information so it is both impactful and enlightening.

Sometimes presenting information in the form of graphics or animations can make it easier to remember, proving that making a video entertaining can increase the likelihood it will inform the viewer properly.

3. Video Call-to-Actions Are Very Handy

When using videos for marketing purposes, it is important to have a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA helps keep the conversation going by directing the customer from the video to the company website, contact form, social media page, or other location.

A CTA can cap off the video and ensure the viewer’s attention isn’t lost. Sometimes a well-placed CTA in a video can provide the returns and payoff companies look for in their marketing efforts.

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