After gathering the footage, editing it together, and re-watching the finished project a dozen times, some people find their content is missing that special – something.

It’s not always easy to figure out what his special something is. However, Orlando video production projects can benefit from subtle “finishing touches.” These may seem simple, but they make a video look professional and feel more inviting to potential viewers.

Add These to an Video Production Project

Here are some simple touches that can cap off an Orlando video production – some are parts of the video itself, while others accompany it. Each of them serves the same purpose of making the video look better and/or seem more appealing to audiences.

1.    Company Watermark

This is a great idea for a company that produces a lot of videos. Watermarking them in the bottom right-hand corner looks great when the videos are watched in succession, and serves as a constant call-to-action for any viewer who likes the content and wants more.

2.    Catchy Title

Sometimes a video is watched or skipped based solely on the title. Be creative – pose questions, use high-ranking SEO keywords, and even integrate humor when appropriate. Connect with potential viewers by being interesting and knowing the title is what can hook them.

3.    Accompanying Text

The text posted with a video on social platforms or in emails can also be a big factor in helping people determine whether to watch it. Consider asking a question that the video can answer, or even using a piece of information that didn’t quite make it into the script itself.

4.    Creative Thumbnail

If a video is being uploaded to a platform like YouTube, a creative thumbnail always helps increase the chance people will watch it. With the number of video viewers increasing each year, sometimes a flashy image is required to stand out among the overwhelmingly high volume of content.

5.    Multi-CTA End Screen

Videos can be used to promote multiple CTAs via the end screen. This could have links to other videos, maybe even integrated into footage of those videos playing. The end of the video could also promote a product page, a phone number, and more. No matter what a person wants to do, be it shop or contact the company with questions, the end screen can direct them where to go.

Polish Videos with Orlando Video Production Experts

Orlando video production specialists can help provide that final finishing touch to make a video go from good to great. These experts are skilled at everything from the planning to production process, meaning they can provide insight no matter what stage of the content’s creation they’re contracted for.

Our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films, can communicate effectively and efficiently to produce high quality video production. We have over a decade of experience to produce the next video production project for your organization. Call NG Production Films today for a free no obligation consultation at 877-203-2895 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.