5 Ways to Use Sightseeing to Generate Creativity for Your Next Production

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Have your most recent marketing endeavors felt a little stuck or out of touch? Orlando is known as a tourist destination, but going out on the town as a resident may actually help you generate new leads for your local business. Here are ways that sightseeing can help generate creativity for your next Orlando video production:


  1. Relieve Pressure by Stepping Outside

If you feel you do not have time to take a day or afternoon off to explore the city, this could be a sign that things are too stressful at work. Coming up with creative ideas can be difficult if you are on a deadline or continually staring at the same wall or computer screen. Changing up your surroundings can result in fresh ideas by reducing pressure and enabling you to brainstorm outside the box.


  1. Explore City Outskirts for Cinematography

Too many video productions feel trapped due to time, space, and budgetary restrictions. Other times, the companies find a plan that works, such as shooting in an office on location, and habitually stick with it, resulting in productions that look and feel the same. Exploring Orlando can help open your eyes to new possibilities for your production as you examine the natural cinematography found in cliffs, bluffs, beaches, and other large expanses.


Even if your types of productions are best filmed in an office, for example, perhaps you could add a quick tour of the facilities or a shot of the exterior. If your budget allows for it, consider one or two scene changes to add contrast and visual interest. Or, if you prefer the cohesiveness of using a single room or location, simply look at it in new ways to see how it could be improved. This could include aspects such the paint color, props, lighting, and angles.


  1. Study Architecture for Structure and Design

Traditional architects are taught to design with functionality as the main goal. Other elements such as materials, style, and character are what give each building its uniqueness, but only once all of the essentials are in place. The idea of “functionality first” is just as important for video productions, where your production goal needs to remain front and center. The very beginning of the pre-production process should focus on determining why you are making the video and defining your target audience. Then, you can discuss other factors to make your message stand out, including the script, actors, and shooting locations.


Whether you sign up for a walking tour or simply stroll through downtown, looking at architecture can also help your video production team understand the importance of structure and balance. Whether a building is sleek, artistic, modern, classic, or fanciful, the underlying structure is what gives the finished look its strength and cohesiveness. Well-designed buildings, just like well-crafted video productions, project a polished, professional image that will appeal to visitors or viewers. Since the quality of your commercial or film project directly impacts a viewer’s perception of your company’s brand and image, the pre-production process should not skimp on structure.


  1. Use Sunlight and Shadows to Help Understand Lighting

Ideally, the day you choose to go sightseeing will be sunny, not overcast. Any type of weather, however, can help you understand lighting and how objects and people appear differently in full sun, partial shadow, or complete shade. Studying objects outdoors may also help you decide whether you want to film your production indoors or outdoors. Interior studio lighting is easier to control, but it is important to realize how much lighting helps to set the tone for your production. Lighting, in conjunction, with the other colors used on set, can range from cool to warm, depending on what you want. Filming outdoors can be a hassle due to changing lighting conditions and other considerations, but natural sunlight is extremely warm, flattering, and pleasing. Either way, hiring an experienced camera crew is a must to ensure all lighting levels are even and adjusted as needed.

  1. Get in Touch with Your Audience

The word “sightseeing” is immediately associated with tourists, but, in this case, that idea is not a bad thing. Being out and about alongside tourists can help you learn new tactics to generate new leads by seeing what other companies use to attract visitors. At the same time, exploring Orlando with new eyes can help you get back in touch with other locals, with whom you hope to build a long-term customer base. With your intended video production audience in mind, visit family-friendly attractions, hip coffee shops, or local art galleries to reacquaint yourself with what they do or what they like. This, in turn, can help you come up with new ideas to connect with viewers in your next video production.


There are countless ways that sightseeing can help generate creativity, but hopefully these suggestions have already given you some new ideas. For more help brainstorming or planning your next production, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. We have the filmmaking experience and expertise you need to help make your video stand out. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.