Effective marketing works every day of the year. So rather than throwing all their year-end efforts into a single day like Black Friday, many marketers are executing long-term marketing plans good for 2020 and 2021.

With Black Friday business dipping and e-commerce sales doing the opposite, marketers are seeing the value in diversifying their approach and modernizing their methods.

Here’s how to use Orlando video production for effective marketing that works during the year-end shopping craze and provides benefits long after.

Don’t Just Market the Products Online – Market the Online Store

Given the shift to online shopping has paid off for companies of all sizes, more stores are seeing the value in pursuing it.

However, it isn’t just about promoting those holiday buys – companies should also work on promoting their online store itself.

Especially for those businesses that are pursuing digital sales for the first time, it’s important to get people aware of and excited about it.

Offer discounts to those who buy online, or give them an option to enter a competition for a prize. Show off that prize in a stunning video production.

Videos can also be used to give newcomers a tour of the online store and how to use it.

Make Memberships Synonymous with the Coming Year

With the year winding down, people are thinking about buying more than just something to wrap up for the holidays. They’re also looking for ways to change themselves in the new year. Memberships are perfect for this.

Create holiday-neutral videos to promote memberships, so they’re reusable all year. Promoting a membership is like promoting anything else – start with a pain point, focus on the benefits, and be clear on how the viewer can sign up.

Whether it’s a gym membership or a platinum account for an online store, memberships are timeless in their appeal – but the urge to buy is a little more pressing as one year shifts to the next.

For the crafty marketer who wants to boost sign-ups during the holidays, consider lowering the price or throwing in a complimentary gift.  

Use End-of-Year Marketing as a Test for 2021

Many marketers are so happy with the efficiency of video production that they want to promote tons of different deals in quick succession.

For one, it takes advantage of the wider window companies have beyond Black Friday, and the broader audience e-commerce brings.

It also provides insights they can use throughout 2021. Effective marketing can continue well beyond the holidays, so put out lots of offers and see what the audience responds to.

Better yet – get them to provide feedback for additional strategic insights.

Modernize Marketing with Orlando Video Production

While the end of the year is still a busy time for marketers, the digital age has opened up a world of new possibilities.

Marketers can now boost their e-commerce sales, promote non-traditional products, and even plan for the future with the right approach.

All of these goals come much easier with the help of an Orlando video production company.

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