In some cases, the goal behind a video is to entertain people. Everyone has seen these. They’re the funny skits and clever animations ripe with humor or even the occasional pop-culture reference.

Then there are those videos designed to inform and educate. They can take on many tones, but their ultimate objective is to give the viewer some type of knowledge they didn’t have before they pressed play.

There’s also the classic promotional video. Of course, promotional videos can be entertaining, informative, and educational. They can use humor, references, animation, and all the other elements mentioned above. However, their goal is clear – sell a product or service.

When creating an Orlando video production project centered around promotion, try these tips to really make the creation stand out amongst the competition.

Creating Promotional Video Production Projects

Making a promotional video? These tips can make a sales video relatable, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective.

1.    Open with a Relatable Pain Point

When a promotional video starts, the chance to hook the viewer is available at the beginning. Even if a video is short, people won’t stick around without a reason.

To promote a product or service, open by describing a particular problem said product or service could solve. This is effective for making the viewer feel interested and letting them know they’ve found something they can relate to.

2.    Focus on Benefits Over Features

A product or service could have a ton of features, all of which look incredible to the company writing them. However, unless they convey a clear benefit to a person watching a video, they will come off as much less impressive.

An example from WordStream illustrates it perfectly. An MP3 player promoted as “a device with 1GB of storage” is only impressive to people who know the size of songs and can do quick calculations. However, saying “a device that can put 1,000 songs in your pocket,” sounds much more impressive.

3.    Close with a Clear Call to Action

This marketing mainstay is as applicable to video as it is to written content. When a viewer has finished watching a video, it helps to provide them with a clear call to action.

In many cases, if a person isn’t given a gentle nudge about what to do next, they won’t. It could be a link to a product page, an email subscription list, or a social profile. Wherever the video takes the customer should be relevant, and flow directly from the content they just watched.

Improving Promotional Videos with the Professionals

Promotional videos must maintain a delicate balance been professional and conversational. They have to connect with the reader but do so from a business perspective.

For help maintaining this balance and ensuring video quality is optimal, considering calling in an Orlando video production company for help.

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