Social media has become the modern marketer’s go-to resource when they need to reach a broad audience.

Even with blogs, emails, and landing pages in the mix, social media marketing is a proven tool for reaching millions. It’s especially handy because it’s great for connecting people who don’t know about a product or company but may be interested in it.

With social media’s technology, it’s even easier to reach a broad and relevant audience using paid or sponsored ads. Here are a few ways to use Orlando video production for this type of advertising.

Video Tips for Sponsored Social Media Posts

Looking to make the most of sponsored social media marketing? Try out these strategies for using video in this ad format.

1.    Use Short Videos

Sponsored posts will pop up in a lot of feeds where people aren’t expecting them. If someone isn’t anticipating it, they may not want to spend a lot of time on it.

For this reason, creating shorter videos is crucial. These videos should say their most important points quickly and get the message across before the viewer feels compelled to scroll by. Use crisp visuals, short punchy captions, and a clear call-to-action.

2.    Only Use One Call-to-Action

Speaking of the call-to-action, sponsored social media posts with videos should rely on one message. Short videos are great because they are easy to digest, and the payoff is quick. The resolution and movement to the next step should have the same qualities.

Inviting the reader to check out the blog, fill out a contact form, and sign up for a newsletter may be overwhelming. Remember, a lot of viewers are newcomers. In this case, pick one strong call-to-action and build the post around it.

3.    Don’t Be Afraid to Loop the Video

Some marketers are worried about putting short videos with a single call-to-action for fear the viewer will miss the information. What are the odds they’ll take the time and make the effort to rewind the video, especially if there was nothing that grabbed their attention – at least not in time?

The secret here is to loop the video, even a few times over. This may seem repetitive, but it’s actually a common tactic. Why? When a video is looped, it seems longer even though it’s the same part playing over and over. It’s also a courtesy to the viewer, as they don’t have to rewind to view the content and the call-to-action again.

Sponsored Social Media Video Production

When a person combines two great marketing tools, they’re almost guaranteed for success if they understand the synergy between them. As popular as social media is, enlisting the help of an Orlando video production company to add video content in sponsored ads can be a great decision.

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