What’s better than a great audience that gets to watch great content? Having them be a part of it.

While this doesn’t mean everyone who opens a video will end up in said video, it does mean audience interaction is a popular strategy any digital marketer should consider.

When it comes to Orlando video production, there are multiple creative ways to make the audience feel a little more engaged with what’s going on and help improve video performance as a result.

How to Get Audiences Involved with Content

Audiences want to feel connected to the brand. Even if it doesn’t involve featuring them specifically in a video, here are some techniques to keep them engaged and involved with the content.

1.    Go Live

Streaming and video are close relatives in the digital content family. With streaming accounting for almost two-thirds of internet traffic (expected to go past four-fifths by 2020), it’s clear people like live content. When a brand goes live, audiences have a chance to see them more candidly. It feels more real, more engaging, and most importantly, easier to interact with.

2.    Accept User Submissions

Even something as simple as a 30-second video on why users like a product or brand is enough to get hundreds or even thousands of people interacting. Every clip doesn’t have to be used. So long as people feel comfortable getting involved, they’ll be more inclined to reach out.

3.    Ask for Content Ideas

The best way to give an audience the content they want is to ask them what they want. Try ending a video with a call-to-action for content topic requests. Another good strategy is to come up with two or three topic ideas then have audiences vote on what they’d like to see.

4.    Create a Contest

People will stay involved with a brand if they have something to gain. Create a contest and make the entry point something like commenting on a video with the answer to a question. This is a great way of encouraging people to watch through the whole thing.

5.    Let Users Choose Brand Elements

This is an evolved form of a contest – if a brand is getting a new look, logo, slogan, or other identifying factors, consider letting the audience have input. If an audience feels like they can impact the core elements of a brand, they’ll feel connected to that brand in the long term.

Why Interactive Content is Important to Brands

Any Orlando video production team or specialist in a company should think about ways to get interactive. When customers feel more connected to a brand, they’re more likely to consume content, interact, and engage in a profitable way.

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