The summer heat is still hanging around, but the year is slowly winding down.

With roughly a month before the final quarter, marketers and entrepreneurs across the nation still have time for year-end advertising efforts.

There are plenty of reasons why it’s a perfect time to focus on advertising efforts, particularly those based around Orlando video production. But the best marketing is based on specifics.

So which specific industries could benefit the most from video marketing this time of year?

Landscaping Services Help People Prepare for Fall

With the right marketing, landscapers can make hundreds or even thousands helping homes and businesses.

The most popular service to promote as summer fades to fall is leaf removal. Pruning and trimming are also helpful, as they can prevent leaf buildup in yards. For anyone worried about any type of significant precipitation as winter approaches, pruning also helps to avoid broken branches or toppled trees.

Other more complex services like aeration or winterization of irrigation systems can help homeowners keep their lawns looking good even during the landscaping “offseason.”

As for how to promote it,use video clips of gorgeous lawns, including fading before and after shots together. Also, show the processes in action, so prospective customers will know what to expect.

Home Improvement Services Help Property Owners Fortify

The yard is important, but the home itself is a different matter. In the year’s final quarter, homeowners are looking to stay dry and cozy.

Home improvement companies can promote various services with video marketing, including:

  • Draft Control: Caulking and sealing those pesky spots by seams, doors, and windows helps customers control the indoor climate and utility costs. Some companies may also install window insulation as well.
  • Roof/Gutter Preparation: Going back to the fall leaves – a good gutter cleaning is a sure way to stop leaks and overflow before fall hits. Home improvement companies with a focus on roofs can also check for leaks or areas at risk for them.
  • Summer Cleanup: Some homeowners may be willing to pay just for a helping hand to pack away their summer setup. Cleanup tasks may include covering the pool, boat, and ATVs. Other tasks such as tidying up the yard of kids’ playsets, patio furniture, and summer-themed décor also fall into this category.

A home improvement company can show any of these services being performed, or even use video testimonials from previous homeowners who had satisfactory service.

Bulk Sellers Can Show Their Stock with Orlando Video Production

Even those who don’t experience inclement weather themselves still rely on the supply chain. When it’s impacted, the ripples radiate throughout various regions and states.

This leads many people to stock up on water, canned goods, firewood, batteries, or other items best bought in bulk. Any company that sells in bulk should already be thinking about using video production. This one is the easiest to promote. Use sweeping shots of stock on storeroom shelves, on pallets, and ultimately on trucks ready to deliver it to your customers.

Call a Video Production Expert for Top-Quality Results

No matter the industry, any service looks better when it’s promoted with a professional touch. 

For help creating video production projects for any of these industries or others, turn to an Orlando video production company.  

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