Training videos are an excellent tool for companies to provide their employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their job effectively. These videos can be used for a wide range of purposes, including onboarding new hires, educating employees on products and services, and promoting professional development. In this article, we’ll discuss what training videos are, their benefits, and the different types of videos your company may want to create.

What Are Training Videos?

Training videos are used to provide employees with the information and skills needed to succeed in their jobs. They can be used to deliver knowledge in a wide range of formats, including presentations, demonstrations, simulations, and even role-playing exercises. Which format you use will be dependent upon the material presented in the video, as you’ll want to consider what will be the most engaging.

The Benefits of Training Videos

If your company doesn’t already offer any sort of training videos, the thought of creating them might seem a little overwhelming. And surely, you’ll want to make sure they’re worth the time, effort, and investment you’re putting into creating them.

Luckily, training videos offer several benefits for both employees and employers. Some of their key advantages include the following:

  • Videos Provide Flexibility: Training videos can be accessed at any time and from any location, allowing employees to learn at their own pace and their convenience.
  • They’re Cost-Effective: Producing videos of this nature can be less expensive than hiring instructors to conduct in-person training that delivers the same information.
  • Your Videos Have Consistency: These videos will provide a consistent message to employees, ensuring that everyone receives the same information and in the same format. There won’t be any miscommunications, which can sometimes arise when relying on instructors you’ve hired.
  • They’re Perfect When Growing Your Team: As your workforce is growing, you won’t want to schedule instructors to teach individual lessons all the time. Instead, you can create training videos and provide them to new employees as needed so they can learn quickly and easily.
  • Videos Have Better Retention: For many who are visual learners, it’ll be easier for them to consume and retain information if they’re able to follow along with a video and watch at their own pace.

7 Types of Training Videos Your Company Needs

Now, you might be wondering what types of training videos your company can create to educate its employees. This will depend on what is most important to your company and its unique needs. Here are some of the most common options you’ll want to consider developing:

1. Orientation Videos

Orientation videos are used to onboard new hires and introduce them to the company’s culture, policies, and procedures. These videos can cover topics such as your company’s mission and vision, history, organizational structure, and employee benefits. Your goal with an orientation video is to make your new employees feel welcome and confident as they enter a new environment.

2. Product and Service Videos

It’s also smart to create training videos that introduce employees to your company’s available products and services. These videos will explain the features and benefits of your offerings. They can cover product specifications, customer use cases, and competitive advantages. It’s important that your employees, who are your company’s best representatives, can effortlessly speak about what you do and what you have to offer when connecting with potential buyers.

3. Process and Procedure Videos

There are some cases where you’ll want to have videos that walk employees through the process of performing specific tasks or procedures. These videos can cover topics such as safety procedures, quality control measures, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). They can also be specific and provide walkthroughs of utilizing various tools that your company relies on or how to complete other tasks.

Having a selection of videos to do this is often preferable because you won’t need to pull another employee aside to share this information individually each time a new employee is onboarded. The employee that needs to learn how to do a certain task can watch the video on their own and take their time to soak in the information.

4. Compliance and Ethics Videos

Compliance and ethics videos are used to educate your employees on legal and ethical standards. This includes teaching them about your anti-harassment policies, data privacy regulations, and anything else that may be of importance to your company.

5. Soft Skills Videos

No matter how skilled your employees are, there’s always room to grow. That’s why it would be wise to develop training videos that teach different soft skills you value in your team members. Soft skills are non-technical skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Consider creating videos that cover topics such as conflict resolution, time management, and effective communication. You can even discuss emotional intelligence and the importance of managing emotions and understanding others, which can foster a warm company culture. When you prioritize helping your employees to grow professionally, you’ll reap the rewards in the end with a fantastic team.

6. Customer Service Videos

For employees that are dealing directly with customers, you’ll want to educate them on how to provide excellent customer service. After all, these are the team members who are directly representing your company. It’s important to ensure they are a positive reflection of what you do and how you serve others. So, how would you like employees to present themselves? How would you like them to represent your company as a whole?

You can create training videos that cover topics such as active listening, empathy, and problem-solving. This will ensure any customer service roles are filled with people who are patient, understanding, and willing to help anyone who reaches out to your team.

7. Professional Development Videos

If you want to show your employees that you care about them and their future, consider developing some training videos that are focused on their professional development. This allows them to improve their skills and can prepare them for advancing to other roles within your company in the future. These training videos can cover topics like goal setting, for example.

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