Before the record button is ever pressed or the editing software is ever opened, most videos begin with an empty document and an idea.

Video scripts provide the foundation for great Orlando video production projects. They give the narrator direction to pass along to the audience, and as such, they can make or break the entire project.

For anyone out there who is using videos for their own marketing efforts, it is important to understand the finer points of video script copywriting and narration best practices.

How to Improve Scripting and Narration

Research shows over half of consumers want more video content from their favorite brands. To make sure that flow of content maintains a high level of quality, follow these helpful tips.

1.    Use Good SEO Practices for Better Script Quality

At a glance, this tip may seem odd. SEO is a technique for helping written content rank higher through the inclusion of high-volume keywords.

If those words are being read rather than listed on a page to be indexed by a search engine, how will SEO impact the video script’s quality? The answer lies in how SEO impacts the readability of the content. SEO keywords are topical and relevant – they’re things people are typing in, and things they’re thinking about concerning a particular topic.

If those words are listed in your video’s title and description, or even simply spoken in the video, it makes the content more relevant to listeners.

2.    When Nerves Are a Problem, Hire a Narrator

For some people, narration isn’t their strong point. Maybe they dislike their voice or simply feel uneasy reading a script that millions of people may hear.

If this becomes a problem, it is better to simply hire a narrator. There are people out there whose voice and narration skills are in high demand, and enlisting their help can make any video more enjoyable.

A more cost-efficient alternative involves simply finding another person within your team or department who has the voice and the nerve to lend their services to the project.

3.    Focus on Bullet Points for Better Readability

Videos come across better when they sound natural. If someone no-obligation like they’re reading directly from a script, the entire presentation appears more robotic than human.

The best way to get around this is to turn a video script into a loose format rather than something to be read verbatim.

Not only does this give the video a more natural flow when the script is read, but it gives a person talking about the topic a little room to get creative if the project calls for it.

Boost Orlando Video Production Project Results

In addition to hiring a professional narrator, why not hire an Orlando video production company that specializes in creating high-end presentations?

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