Brands could be thought of as the personalities of professionals and professional organizations.

Everything from an operation’s imagery to the manner it does business impacts its brand – and branding impacts profits.

Branding is proven to build trust, increase customer loyalty, and drive repeat business. When companies are ready to market, alter, or recreate their brands, Orlando video production can be a helpful tool.

Here are three unique rebranding processes and how video marketing efforts can support each.

The Brand Refresh: Use Video to Reestablish the High Points

Any time the word rebranding is mentioned, it’s easy to assume a company is scraping something or changing something up.

However, some rebrand efforts are less about redoing and more about refreshing the public’s memory of the brand.

This rebranding strategy can employ video production by showing footage of the facility, its workers, and its products. Completed projects and other major accomplishments can also be used either in video footage or still images.

While this rebranding strategy is typically about reengaging existing customers, they aren’t the only target. Reasserting what makes the brand unique regularly can improve ROI by generating new leads as well.

The Brand Evolution: Show the Brand’s Reinvention on Video

As brands evolve, they don’t necessarily discard what brought them to their current spot. Instead, they add to it.

These rebranding efforts focus on building onto a brand’s existing image while showing a mix of the old and the new.  

One common reason for this type of strategy is to promote newly added products or services. Branding is proven to help customers make buying decisions by establishing name recognition. For a company that’s heading into new territory, quality videos announce its arrival.

As brands evolve, they gain a “now and then” or “this and that” video marketing option. Videos can use side-by-side perspectives, crossfades, and even picture-in-picture formats to celebrate the brand’s growth.

The Brand Overhaul: Abandon the Past, Embrace the Future   

The final rebranding strategy is one that’s done not out of choice, but necessity.

Some companies experience misfortune or missteps that don’t bode well for their reputation with customers.

Rebranding in this way is a complete reconstruction of the company’s image and what it aims to be known for. Making such a major change in an expressive format like video equates to the company saying one thing clearly to their base: “We heard you.”

Customers like responsive brands, so announcing that the brand is changing based on customer feedback automatically establishes a sense of connection as it shows off the brand’s new face and ambitions.

Make Rebranding a Success with Orlando Video Production

At its core, branding is about making the world of business feel a bit more human.

The sights, the sounds, the movement – all the elements that people love about personal contact and society are present in video as well. This makes it perfect for the rebranding process.

A talented Orlando video production company can help anyone refresh, reinvent, or even completely redo their brand’s image.

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