4 Reasons to Storyboard Your Production before Filming

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Our blog often mentions storyboarding, primarily in conjunction with brainstorming and other pre-production processes. Despite the importance of storyboarding, are you guilty of skipping this step in your Orlando video productions? Whether you tend to skip or do not take much stock in the process, you should consider giving storyboarding another try. Here are four reasons that storyboarding a production can help ensure success:


1) Helps Organize Information


At the end of a long brainstorming session, you are likely left with multiple scraps of paper, covered with circled or scratched-out ideas. As you begin to organize thoughts into a script, storyboarding will help bring those ideas together. In most cases, rough drawings or images are placed above small lines of text. The text can include voiceover cues, actor lines, or directorial designations. Storyboarding originated with the animated films of Walt Disney Studios, but the activity is now used for large-scale live-action films as well as shorter commercials or film projects.


Storyboarding can be a time-consuming process, but it is one of the most important parts of pre-production. The process of combining the script with rough images of each scene is what really helps start to connect the production and turn it into a reality.


2) Lets Everyone See the Big Picture


Humans are visual creatures, and many people are also visual learners. Listening as someone verbally describes a scene or actor placement can make the vision difficult to grasp. Instead of trying to verbalize each concept, help explain ideas throughout the pre-production process with storyboarding. Storyboarding allows you to take the ideas in your mind and translate them for all to see.


Used as an aid, storyboarding will help your team remember and visualize ideas. It will also help everyone see the big picture and stay on the same page in terms of structure and visual concepts. Do not be afraid to commit both words and images to paper, because storyboarding allows you to re-think and re-order ideas as needed.


3) Saves Time on Set


Proper storyboarding will save you vast amounts of time on set. First of all, you will help limit the amount of on-set delays caused by trying to explain ideas or concepts. Plus, a well-planned storyboard is what helps create a precise, detailed call sheets. These pages will help the actors, camera crew, and entire production team know what goes where in terms of lighting, props, and on-screen talent. Finally, a detailed storyboard will prevent you from wasting time having to “try things out” on set just to see how it would look.


4) Saves Money When Filming


Anytime you can save time on set, you are also saving money. Production costs can quickly inflate due to extended hours, reshoots, or having to move back to an old location. Proper storyboarding ahead of time will help streamline the production day process, limiting the need for delayed starts and costly reshoots.


Storyboarding is easy to employ and will make a world of difference in your next Orlando video production. For help developing, visualizing, and translating ideas from script to screen,

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