3 Ways to Customize Your Video Production Package

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Video productions should be creative and engaging, so why are so many commercials produced in-office with minimal visual interest? The truth is, many small businesses and other local companies may not have the in-house advertising team and marketing data necessary to produce a successful production. In those cases, hiring an expert Orlando video production company is highly worth the investment! The crew can help you develop every aspect of your production, from starting goals to media placement. Plus, there are countless ways to customize your production along the way, starting with these three:


  1. Be Creative While Choosing the Location


Some productions work best if filmed in an office setting, but customizing your video production package means you have options. Working with a professional Orlando video production team has its perks, including the ability to shoot on location, in a studio, or in front of a green screen. If you want a clean background and superior lighting, consider filming in a studio. Plain backdrops keep the audience from being distracted, or a green screen can be used to add in special effects. Alternatively, consider taking advantage of the local sites and summer weather. If filming outside, your camera crew will help take care of audio and lighting issues caused by the wind, the sun, traffic noise, and nosey pedestrians.


  1. Increase Visual Interest and Appeal


Are you hoping to create a dynamic, eye-catching commercial? For filming, choose from different lighting set-ups or camera types. Specialty shots and angles are another easy way to attract attention and engage your audience. For special events or film sequences, ask your crew about shooting while using sliders or dollies. A seasoned and well-equipped production company may also offer large jibs or cranes, which are great for exterior shots and capturing a bird’s eye view. After the fact, a variety of special effects and transitions may be added during post-production.


  1. Add Consulting Services and Media Buying Assistance


Video production professionals make for fantastic marketing consultants. The team you hire should know the market inside and out and be able to help guide your production along the way. During post-production, your crew can also assist you with media buying. This is the process of purchasing optimal airtime at the best prices for television or broadcast cable commercials. Depending on what your business offers, airing the commercial at a particular time of day may give you a higher return on investment (ROI). Media buying can work across many mediums, helping you target the customers you want to reach with your production.


Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, offers an array of customizable video options for businesses, churches, music groups, and more. Our staff is dedicated to making each and every production a success, from helping narrow down company goals to assisting with advertising and media placement. For a free, no-obligation consultation from a team with over 15 years of filmmaking experience, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.