6 Reasons to Make Your Video Mobile-Friendly

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Your company may be keeping up with various social media trends, but have you considered how accessible your content is for viewers on mobile platforms? Here are six reasons to make your next Orlando video production mobile-friendly:


  1. Keep Up with Google Updates


In April 2015, Google updated their search engine rankings algorithms to begin rewarding mobile-friendly sites. Your site’s search rankings will improve if its pages are mobile-friendly and include quality content. Within the update, Google states that its rankings will avoid horizontal scrolling and unplayable content, which means that your videos need to be ready to be viewed on mobile devices.


  1. Explore a New Avenue for Content Marketing


Web users are constantly on the go, and the ongoing rise in mobile searches supports that. You can stand out in this market by embracing digital channels and content marketing strategies.


According to 2014 studies by Syndacast, a leading digital advertising company in Asia, global B2B and B2B marketers report video in the top three most effective social media marketing tactics. The studies also revealed that smartphone users rely on product overview videos to help make purchasing decisions. This research helps prove that viewers are not only watching comedic or “viral” videos. To help gain subscribers and build your brand, focus on publishing quality content that your client will appreciate. Ideas include:

  • Product demonstrations and uses
  • Expert tutorials and tips
  • Educational material
  • Panel discussions
  • Interviews
  • Curated footage from live corporate events


With content marketing, the idea is to provide educational, helpful information, not salesy or directly promotional material. Your overall marketing strategy should include both, of course, but focusing on content will help keep users interested in and engaged with your brands. If you are worried about navigating new platforms, there are plenty of tools available to help manage multiple social media accounts and marketing channels.


  1. Shares Well With Others


According to a report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 92% of individuals who view videos on mobile devices also share videos with others. Sharing often occurs in person, by passing a device to a friend or gathering a group around the phone to watch. Most social media channels, however, are continuing to improve the way users share videos. On Facebook, for example, users now have the option to share video content on their wall, on a friend’s wall, in a private message, or in a group. They can also save videos to a list to watch or view again later.


  1. Adaptable to Any Size Screen


If you are developing video content, your Orlando video production company will ask about the intended marketing platforms. Videos no longer have to be shot in a single format, but are adaptable to multiple screen sizes. However, your video’s viewability must be taken into account both during filming and the editing process. Taking mobile platforms into consideration will help make sure the ratio and margins of your video make sense and do not leave anything behind.


  1. Available in the YouTube App


Top brands post more video content to Facebook than other video sharing sites. However, that content can be linked through another video platform, such as Vimeo or YouTube. It may be worth hosting your videos on YouTube simply to have a presence within the popular mobile application. In fact, according to the YouTube press statistics, half of the site’s views are on mobile devices. The statistics also include the fact that people are generating billions of views by watching hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube every day. The amount of users and unique views continues to grow, making YouTube the ideal platform for sharing content or placing advertisements.


To help build your brand and image, gain exposure by starting a YouTube channel. Gain followers and subscribers by generating helpful or interest content. Bands can post music videos, businesses can post event highlights, and churches can post video-based mission statements.


For those interested in advertising, the number of Internet-based ads continues to soar above television and print marketing efforts. According to the YouTube statistics, over a million advertisers use Google ad platforms. In addition, YouTube discloses that the majority of those advertisers are small business. New and improved site features and filters continue to help advertisers develop and share targeted marketing materials.


  1. Use Data and Analytics to Improve Future Content


Another benefit of mobile-friendly and web-based video sharing is the ability to gather results and data. The Syndacast study referenced above revealed that video marketing is financially savvy in addition to popular with users. According to the study, 52% of global marketing professionals named video as the type of shared content with the highest ROI. This financial success is, in part, because companies can easily examine and improve their campaigns. In fact, marketers can see the number of page views, how much content users viewed, the geographical locations of viewers, and more.


For helping developing and sharing quality content, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. We understand both local and global markets, and will work to ensure your video gets the attention it deserves. For more information or a free consultation, call us at (877) 203-2895 or fill out our online contact form for a prompt reply.