Videos are a popular media type for many reasons. Their use of imagery can tell a story, and make a memorable impact on any viewer.

The audio is also a major component of any video. Even great visuals aren’t enough by themselves – a truly great video production needs high-quality audio to go with it.

There are many intricacies to the process of recording, editing, and mixing audio tracks for a video presentation. Many companies that use videos for marketing and promotional purposes experience some common audio problems. Knowing what these problems are and how to avoid them are vital for creating better videos that provide better results for the creators.

3 Common Audio Issues that Plague Videos

1. Poor-Quality Audio Tracks

When an audio track is of subpar quality, most viewers will pick up on it instantly. Sometimes this problem happens because the audio is recorded wrong from the beginning. A lack of limiters or levels that are too high can lead to clipping, popping, and other unintentional results.

Poor audio can distract a viewer from a video’s message, and can leave them with a negative opinion of the video and even the company behind it. Orlando video production companies know how to set up audio tracks before recording to ensure these problems don’t happen.

2. Uneven Audio Levels and Poor Balance

In most videos, there are usually a couple tracks playing at once. The two main tracks are usually the music and the voiceover, but each of these may be comprised of several individual tracks mixed together before the video is completed.

Uneven audio levels can make an otherwise-great video feel amateurish, and can make it difficult for the listener to concentrate on the content. When camera crews in Orlando are finished recording the audio portions of a video, they know how to mix it down so all tracks can be heard properly.

3. A Lack of Polish

Some audio tracks can be greatly improved by using a few simple effects. Proper panning and small effects like equalizers and compressors can work wonders for helping audio tracks stand out.

It can be hard knowing exactly how to apply these effects without proper experience. Calling on a proven third-party for help can be the best strategy for any company that wants to improve the audio in their videos.

Getting Good Audio with Orlando Video Production Pros

Professionals in the field of video production know all about how to construct a top-quality presentation, including the audio. These specialists can ensure audio is clean, polished, and set at the proper levels for the best results.

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