10 Quick Reasons to Hire a Camera Crew to Capture Your Next Speaking Engagement

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If you have a big speech or other speaking engagement coming up, isn’t it worth recording? Hiring a crew to film your event is a great idea, whether you intend to archive the footage or use it in other Orlando corporate video productions. Here are ten quick reasons to have your next speaking engagement filmed:

1. Don’t Leave Anyone Out

Is one of your employees or team members going to miss your speech, or are you presenting at a closed convention or conference? Having your speaking engagement recorded will ensure that everyone who needs or wants to view it can.

2. Archive Footage

You may not have a use for the footage at the moment, but the archival material is worth having. Adding to your company’s history and recorded material collection is an important aspect of growing a business and developing its legacy. Video is a great way to keep a lasting record of your company’s event. Plus, you may find another use for the video in the future, whether for internal company use or marketing purposes.

3. Post Quick Clips Online

Sharing recent video clips is a great way to let clients know that your company is active in the area and the industry. Plus, viewers are more likely to engage with visual material than a text-only post, so consider sharing that big announcement, three-point plan, or year-end review in video form.

4. Boost Credibility with Clients

Posting clips of your speaking engagement online or sharing them with clients is a way to establish credibility in the field. If you run a business, it is as important to curate and share meaningful content as it is to sell products or services. In addition, potential consumers may begin to view your company as a reliable source for information, and return for more assistance in the future.

5. Stretch Your Marketing Budget

Depending on the content of your speaking engagement, you may be able to use clips or highlights of it in other Orlando corporate video productions. This can include commercials, infomercials, product demonstrations, “about us” videos, and more. Clips can be interspersed with slides, photos, or other media.

6. Increase Your In-Person Presence

Appearances are not the most important thing, but hiring a professional camera crew can help boost your speaking engagement’s credibility and on-stage presence. Attendees may be more likely to attend and pay close attention if they see that you consider the speech to be worth recording.

7. Professionals Provide the Best Results

If you have already decided to film your speech, here are a few quick reasons to hire a professional video production team instead of anyone else:
• Filmmaking expertise and experience
• High-quality audio and video recording equipment
• Courteous and understanding crew
• Clear focus and crisp audio
• Superior editing skills to divide footage for future use in clips
• Ability to help convert footage for use on different platforms

8. Cost-Effective Way to Capture Useful Footage

Some video productions require months of planning or full days of shooting. Since a speaking engagement is relatively short, hiring a small crew for a few hours is a cost-effective way to obtain a high-quality corporate video that could be used in many different ways.

9. Help Promote Your Event Beforehand

If you are giving a big speech or want to record an important guest, you may be able to boost attendance by releasing a sneak peek beforehand. This could include a mini-interview with the speaker, a few lines from the presentation, or a mash-up of short clips including views of the location to entice viewers. You can also release short clips to news agencies after the fact, for use on television or online.

10. Live Stream the Day-of

To share a special day or important event with those who cannot be in physical attendance, live streaming may be the answer. This solution is becoming increasingly popular, with individuals making provisions to live stream speeches, seminars, performances, and more.

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