How to Collaborate with Your Camera Crew

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Video production is a collaborative process, whether you are creating a commercial, training film, convention video, or another project. The process involves communication, determining roles, asking questions, making decisions, delegating tasks, and more. Hiring a professional camera crew will help ensure your Orlando video production is a success, especially if you follow these tips for seamless collaboration:


Open Communication

As expected, good communication is an essential part of a successful video shoot. From brainstorming to storyboarding, your film crew can help you determine which ideas will translate well onto film. At this point, you will also determine the overall look of the video: an experienced camera crew will offer a variety of styles. You should also let them know what you have in mind for post-production editing, such as montages, linked shots, fade-ins, and more. There may be some technical language involved in the shoot, but a good crew will translate every concept clearly so you understand and can communicate easily.


Script Writing and Storyboarding

Is your production primarily wordless, or does it include actors and a thorough script? Will it involve a voiceover, or will one of your employees be featured to give information? As you prepare your script for a commercial or short film project, ask your camera crew for feedback. Use their skill and experience to your advantage, because they know what does or does not work in most productions.


Discuss Your Angle and Lighting Options

Lighting design and exposure will greatly affect the look of your video. You can collaborate with your camera crew about camera movements, composition, and shot choices. Do you want hard or soft lighting? Should the scene be realistic or imaginative? You can use a range of shots, such as wide-angle and close-ups, to change the depth of field. This will vary the amount of open spaces or details included in each shot.


In general, trust your camera crew’s experience and knowledge to get great shots, but do not waitto speak up if something is not working. Second-guessing their decisions will not help anyone, but you can ask for specific changes to ensure each shot is set up to your liking.


Establish Your Role and Prepare for Filming

Have you determined what you will be doing on the day of the shoot? Are you directing, acting, or recording a voiceover? Have someone in charge of props, and map out each location ahead of time. This includes checking the hours and obtaining any necessary permits. If possible, have everything mapped out so that you can limit the transition time between shots. This will help save an abundance of both time and money!


Above all, understand your limitations and know what you will need to hire film professionals to do. You can collaborate and work together as a team, with each person or group responsible for specific tasks. If everything is well organized and prepared, then you can be flexible as needed without adding stress to the shoot.


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