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A prospective film crew will supply you with plenty of information and ask specific questions about your account, including your message, style, and budget. However, you should also be armed with questions to ask of them. After all, commercials and other film projects are a big investment in something that will publically represent your company or organization. Having a good idea of your goals and placement, such as for television, social media, or interviews, will help you determine if a particular Orlando video production company can meet your needs. Part one of this two-part series covers five things you should ask before signing a contract.


  1. Do You Have Experience with ______?


This question is fill-in-the-blank because only you know what type of production you need. Different kinds include:

  • Television shows or commercials
  • Internet ads
  • Short clips for social media
  • Music videos
  • Product information or demonstrations
  • Short films for local government entities
  • About us clips
  • Interviews or testimonials
  • Clips for internal use, including in-house training
  • Convention or other live event coverage


Although some filmmaking elements will be the same for each type of project, they require different approaches. The film crew you choose should have examples readily available. These clips should include finished products from the people who hired them, not just a demo reel of highlights. You can always call the business to ask for additional examples, but first check the uploads on their website or social media pages.


  1. Do You Understand My Industry?


A great filmmaking team does not need to understand your industry inside and out to craft a compelling commercial. However, they should demonstrate a genuine interest in your company and be invested in making your project a success. They should get a feel for your products or services as well as ask about your target audience and demographics. The more your crew wants to know, the better equipped they will be to tell your story.


  1. Do You Know How to Go Viral?


The honest answer to this question is “no.” Although a crew can help you create something that is share-worthy, they should not guarantee that it would go viral on a local or national level. Be wary of prospective teams who make promises they may not be able to keep, all in the name of gaining new accounts. However, you can inform your team about the goals and motives of your Orlando video production, whether it is a professional corporate clip, a dramatic and compelling commercial, or a light and humorous piece for social media.


  1. Can You Help Me with Marketing?


Some marketing firms claim to assist with video, while some video firms claim to assist with marketing. The truth is, there are some full-service film crews who can guide you every step of the way, from brainstorming ideas to adjusting audio levels in the finished piece. Whether or not the place you choose can assist you with marketing, they should know your intent. For example:

  • Media buying will be necessary to place television commercials.
  • Many commercials and Internet clips must be a certain length.
  • Clips for social media or website use must be mobile-friendly.
  • Different social media platforms have different length limits.


Determining the placement before hiring a crew is a must to ensure it is made according to your needs and specifications.


  1. Can You Provide References for Your Most Recent Jobs?


Aside from browsing examples from a business’s online portfolio, you should inquire about their most recent jobs. They should be willing and have plenty of names to choose from. You can contact the client to learn about his or her experience, while viewing recent clips that reflect the team’s current crew and equipment.


Are you curious what the other five questions are? Check the blog soon for part two of this post. In the meantime, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, for a free consultation on your film project. Contact us today online or by calling (877) 203-2895.