There’s a distinct line between being proficient at something and being proficient at teaching that something to others.

Quality instruction is the backbone of education, whether it’s taking place for a business, a school, or even a personal endeavor. Whether an individual is trying to instruct employees on how to serve customers, covering the syllabus for university students, or giving a cooking lesson, videos are often the best medium to convey information.

But while videos can be extremely helpful when instructing others, there are a few things to remember before the recording process starts.

01.  Start with a Script or Format Beforehand

It is easy for someone who is good at something to provide information about it. But this can sometimes be less than concise, especially if the person is marketing their video toward beginners.

Before starting out recording an instructional video, it is a good idea to create a script. If the thought of reading line-for-line seems a bit too rigid or limiting, going by a loose format works just as well. Having a guide laid out beforehand makes it easier to give good instructions and ensure all the important points are covered.

02.  Add Captions and Graphics if Necessary

While an instructor with a great grasp of their subject can provide a wealth of information verbally, sometimes the presentation can be enhanced a bit.

Through the use of on-screen graphics and captions, trickier points can be cleared up and very important points can be further emphasized. An Orlando video production company can provide guidance on the best place to add these features so that they contribute to the presentation.

03.  Use Multiple Angles and Zoom Features

Every instructional video is different, but there are certain instances where more than one camera angle may be required – particularly when the video is about how to build or repair something.

The zoom feature may also be helpful, as some instructional videos require a person to get a closer look at what is being explained. Zooming and using multiple angles can also help ensure a video isn’t monotonous and doesn’t lose the viewer’s interest.

04. Orlando Video Production Specialists Can Help with Editing

In addition to providing assistance with the set-up and filming, Orlando camera crews and editing specialists can provide guidance on how to edit an instructional video together for maximum impact.

Small touches matter.

For example, the act of zooming can be edited down and blended together with a fade in. Captions and graphics can all be done with the same text or style, adding more uniformity. Even the format can be enhanced with the help of the pros, ensuring the video says what it needs to without going too long.

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