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Hiring a professional camera crew for a single live event can pay huge dividends thanks to the ability to showcase, archive, and reuse footage. In fact, many Hollywood filmmakers use the same footage, such as a car crash or explosion, in multiple films to save time and money. Take a hint from the stars and learn how you can reuse footage from your next Orlando-based convention video production.


  1. Share End-of-Session Highlights


Conventions tend to generate an abundance of enthusiasm, which is a good thing for the future of any industry. Whether you are celebrating the year’s accomplishments or anticipating future developments, sharing convention highlights while it is going on helps foster interest and excitement. A professional camera crew can quickly pull together the top share-worthy moments. Consider sharing clips at the end of each day, or compiling standout moments into a powerful send-off video. Both options will cement the notion that the conference was well worth attending, giving attendees something to talk about once back in their home offices.


  1. Archive Presentations for Future Access


Do you have a handful of employees who cannot attend this year’s keynote presentations? Do you have out-of-town or overseas clients interested in seeing product demonstrations? Do you want to make a splash in social media with footage from a big corporate announcement? Archival footage has countless uses and benefits. Clips can be shared across social media, included in a presenter’s online bio, and even utilized in future training videos.


  1. Have Ready-to-Go Press Release Videos


In conjunction with printed press releases, many businesses will contact a news organization in hopes of having a story aired for viewer consumption. If you are announcing a merger or have made big technological advancements, for example, your local station may be more than willing to run a 15- or 30-second story about it.


However, most news stories begin with the anchors then switch to live event or stock footage as a voiceover continues. This practice increases viewer engagement and retention, but it means that you need to have footage ready to submit in conjunction with your press release. Clip ideas include:

  • Part of a presentation or speech by your company CEO
  • Large, candid shots of the crowd
  • Snippets of a panel discussion
  • Product unveilings or other big announcements


The best way to be prepared is having a mixture of stock footage on hand, including both ready-to-go snippets and filler shots.


  1. Generate Buzz for Next Year


Emails, brochures, and other mailers may include a list of convention presentations or highlights, but even words like “100 trade show booths” do not paint a strong visual picture for potential attendees. Utilize old convention video production footage in future promotional materials to paint a picture for any industry colleagues who may be on the fence about attending.


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