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Several myths pervade the world of video production, including the ideas that only large corporations can afford or profit from a production. In reality, commercials and other film projects offer countless benefits to businesses of any size, no matter their scope or budget. Here are four ways that an Orlando video production can benefit your small business:


1) Build a Brand Name


Most small businesses have to fight for their share of the market. Videos are an easy, quick way for potential customers to see what your business is all about. Short clips can make more of an impact than you might think! Videos speak directly to customers and help build a connection. Create an “about us” segment, or a demo video that highlights keys goods or services. Let consumers see what you offer, and tell them why they should choose you.


2) Showcase Personality


Showing a little personality within a video production is one of the best ways to help your company stand out from its competitors. Do you carry exciting or unique products? Are your employees extra personable and friendly? Are you willing to show your sense of humor? A few ways to show personality include:

  • Sharing a facilities tour
  • Showing a customer-employee interaction
  • Interviewing employees or higher-ups directly
  • Capturing and including candid footage, such as light-hearted moments among employees


Whatever your production entails, use it as a way to showcase your company while sharing your individual voice and viewpoint. Potential customers want someone to connect with, so make your production as inviting and approachable as possible.


3) Increase Consumer Trust


Some consumers are weary around new businesses and may drift toward a well-established, name brand, or chain alternative instead. Videos are a way to show customers why your company is worth their time and trust. If you sell clothes and accessories, feature a few actors or models wearing outfits. If you offer in-home services such as cleaning or technical support, then include a behind-the-scenes look at the job. Consumers will feel more comfortable coming to your store or calling for services if they have already seen you in action, so to speak.


4) Provide Cost-Effective Advertising


Video productions are an investment. However, footage from a single day of shooting can be used in countless ways. Targeted advertising is another way to stretch your marketing dollars further, as it is more effective than traditional, generic commercials. Plus, you can place video advertisements on a variety of platforms for free, which will also exponentially increase your potential audience. These include your website, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. However, you can also share a video in an email newsletter, via Twitter, and through Pinterest. Instagram and Vine are also perfect for short videos, clips, and teasers.


Are you ready to see how a professional video production can make a difference for your small business? Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, can help you develop the perfect about us or demo video for your business. Call us today at (877) 203-2895 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.