Some things just go together – they complement one another so well, it’s hard to have one without at least thinking of the other.

They balance one another out, and form a complete setup. There’s the basic ones, like peanut butter and jelly, but there’s also some more specific examples out there.

When promoting products or services to an audience, knowing what goes with what is important. This is also true for those who have certain marketing tools available to them via their current marketing department or specialists they’ve outsourced tasks to.

If a company has any of these five tools, they should consider reaching out to an Orlando video production specialist to get the most out of them.

These Content Types Go Well with Video Production

Have any of these content types on hand? Or have ready access to them? Combining them with the talents of an Orlando video production company can yield great results.

1.    Video Scripts

Whether these are written by a professional copywriter, someone in the company, or a combination of both, they can be great for reaching customers and creating a professional-sounding presentation.

The only thing that helps more is having a video professional on hand to turn the script into a top-notch video.

2.    Taglines

It is possible to take a great tagline and give it a home in a video.

Even if it is used in one of those short and simple slideshow-style videos often used on social media, video can highlight this bit of promotional excellence nicely.

3.    Ongoing Blogs

Many organizations utilize weekly blogs and have ongoing content on their sites for good reason. But it is also good to break up things and keep viewers guessing to some degree.

Utilize videos in blogs to really catch a reader’s attention.

4.    eBooks

If there’s one thing that can be used to promote a big piece of content like an eBook, it is a video.

Have a video ad to encourage users to sign up for their eBook rather than a simple still ad – it is more engaging, just like the book itself.

5.    Landing Pages

If a site has multiple popular landing pages, they can be great spots to use videos.

They are helpful for conveying a lot of important information in a short span of time, and on landing pages this is critical.

Getting Quality Videos to Enhance Great Content

When a company has great marketing content and tools at their disposal, it’s a perfect time to implement video as well. By introducing high-quality videos into the mix to balance content, companies diversify their promotional efforts and get more from the same type of content.

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