Sometimes less is more, especially in Orlando video production.

The longer videos may sometimes have more work put into them, but small content has the same appeal as a bite-sized snack. Not only is it satisfying, but it’s also convenient.

At a time when people are looking for amusement, engagement, and anything to keep their mind on positive thoughts, it’s smart to know which videos on the shorter side fall into this category.

Simple Short Videos to Keep Viewers Engaged and Entertained

These videos stimulate the mind, generate laughs, and paint the brand behind them in a positive light. They’re short to make and can be perfect for filling out a content schedule without taking too much of the viewer’s time.

A Joke Skit

People love to laugh. With over half of people watching online videos daily, it’s nice to find a short video that makes you chuckle. These joke skits can feature real actors or use animations. Sometimes, simply illustrating a basic joke, preferably related to the brand’s industry, is more than enough.

This or That

On social media especially, people enjoy posting their opinions. One way to work this into content is to ask them directly. Simply pose two choices in a video – either as a recording or still images with effects –and asks viewers which they prefer. Don’t forget to ask what led them to make that choice. This type of video usually doesn’t have to be over a minute long.

Did You Know? (DYK)

Another reason people love to watch videos is that they’re informative. Simple informative facts can get plenty of views and engagement, and paint the brand as knowledgeable. These videos are extremely easy to make. At times, text with effects is enough, or pictures and video footage can be mixed in for added impact.

This Day in History

Similar to DYK, this video provides an informative fact with a focus on history. It’s a popular way to show how some days are significant and can be tied to the brand. For example, a maker of a certain type of computer can talk about the date when their first model was released, when they reached their first sales goal, or when they won an award for service excellence.

Coming Soon

Finally, people love having something to look forward to. it’s important to provide positive updates about the future, especially at a time like this. New products, upcoming events, and future deals should all be highlighted to build anticipation.

Get Help from Orlando Video Production Professionals

When it comes to creating content, no matter the length or style, it’s easier with the help of a skilled Orlando video production company. Give viewers something to take their minds off the stress of everyday life with these simple short video ideas.

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