Marketing is a field of business that is continuously changing, with clever minds constantly thinking up new ways to promote their offerings to the masses.

Videos remain one of the most popular media types out, but this doesn’t mean every video will be successful just because of its format alone. Marketers must be inventive with their efforts, and here are five ways videos can be used to give any promotional effort a unique spin.

Getting Imaginative with Video Content: How Should it Be Used?

1.     Shorter Videos Are Good – And Great for Social Media

Some people automatically assume that a video has to be long to be worth posting. In some cases, though, the shorter videos can perform better.

Particularly on social media platforms where feeds move fast, and content is plentiful, a short video can be just engaging enough to elicit a click and keep the viewer engaged until the end. A couple minutes is plenty of time for a promotion, a plug, and a well-placed call to action.

2.     Use Videos for Testimonials to Make a Personal Connection

Everyone has seen the testimonial section of a website before. The uplifting quotes and pictures can be enough to convince some viewers, but others require a more intimate explanation as to how the product or service helped another person.

Video testimonials can help marketers humanize their products, and the benefits said products offer. A quality Orlando video production company can help anyone record customer testimonials properly for maximum impact.

3.     Make a Video Solely for Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section is another that is often featured on company websites. Some businesses shy away from the tougher questions about their products and services – and this can make potential customers skeptical.

Using videos for FAQs shows that the company is confident making sure customers get clear answers to their questions. This can show a company really cares about the customer’s experience.

4.     Show “Behind the Scenes” Footage

Customers often wonder how products are made, what production standards a company has, and how their product goes from the journey of being simple materials to something worth purchasing.

Orlando camera crews can take footage behind the scenes of a company, showing it off in high detail and helping customers feel more confident that they know what they’re buying.

5.     Make a Montage of Any of the Above

Why stop with one strategy in the marketing business? Any company looking to promote a product can make a slideshow or montage of testimonials, answers to popular questions, and any other content they deem relevant to their cause.

Using a montage-style video can give customers a more diverse viewing experience, showing them more in exchange for their time – another sign of a considerate company.

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