6 Things That Can Make Your Footage Look Dated

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Nostalgia is one thing, but old looking is another. Unless you are filming a seasonal spot ad or want to reflect a certain style or era, your Orlando video production should feel timeless. Here are six things to consider in your next production to help it from feeling dated:


  1. Over-acting

No matter the strength of your production’s script and crew, over-acting can kill your production. Cheesy scenes will remind viewers of dated soap operas or the low-budget commercials they grew up with, which is not what you want associated with your professional, modern business. Hire quality actors who speak and move naturally, and make sure the script is full of everyday language and gestures.


  1. Clothing and Accessories

Whether you have hired actors or will be appearing in the production yourself, clothing is an important aspect to consider. You do not need participants to look as though they stepped out of a fashion magazine, but everyone on camera should appear neat, clean, and fresh. Your production is not the time for employees to show off their trendy jumpsuits or other ensembles, and shirts with logos should be avoided for obvious reasons. Basic solid-colored shirts are best because they are timeless, but avoid pastels, solid black or white shirts, and busy prints. Simple, tasteful jewelry and natural-looking makeup are best to help keep things feel modern and fresh.


In general, the overall goal is ensuring that the clothing worn on camera is not distracting, in order to keep viewer focus on what is being said or presented. This will also help people from being able to “date” your production simply based on the apparel. Some modern commercials aim to invoke a sense of nostalgia by giving a modern character purposefully dated characteristics, such as era-specific clothing or hairstyles. This idea is much different, however, from accidently creating an old or dated-looking production.


  1. Background, Props, and Technology

Check your set’s surroundings: do you see wood wall panels, fax machines, archaic potted plants, or furniture from when the building was built? Avoid giving an actor an old-style flip phone as a prop, and pay attention to the size of the computer in the office scene’s background. Props and technology are a huge part of setting the scene, and you do not want that scene to feel dated before it even airs in your production. On the other hand, do not feel as though you need to import space-age-looking chairs or designer IKEA lamps. Your sets should feel modern but natural, and serve as a reflection of your company.


  1. Graphics and Text

You could choose from among tens of thousands of different typefaces for your video production, but should you? Certain typefaces (or fonts, as used on computers) are designed to stand out but may send the wrong message to your viewers. Be aware that current trendy typography could go out of style at any moment, and also also avoid typefaces that were popular in past years, such as overly shaded text or bubbly letters. In addition, pay attention to your treatment of graphics. Text swooping in from one side of the screen may seem fun, but it will likely just remind your audience of their first experience with PowerPoint, over ten years ago.


  1. Logo

Developing a strong company logo is a huge part of your brand and an important aspect of your marketing campaigns. Your logo helps an audience remember and recognize your business, and it also helps make your brand cohesive across all mediums. If your company’s logo is feeling a little outdated, consider having it redesigned before including the old one in any more video productions. Avoid following current design trends, and instead aim to develop something that will have longevity for your brand. Make sure the design is transferrable in various sizes and colors for use in print, on film, and for commercial products.


  1. Outdated Equipment

Poor or low-quality camera and audio equipment will leave your production looking flat and dull. Old equipment in great shape is not a good substitute for new equipment, simply because of the continual technological advances implemented each year. Make sure the video production team you hire has up-to-date, top-of-the-line equipment. A good camera crew will also have a modern approach to filming, with interest in shadows, angles, contrast, and the nuances of proper lighting. In addition, having an experienced camera crew is a must for superior post-production editing results.


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