6 Ways to Start Script Writing

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Are you preparing your next video production script in-house instead of outsourcing the task? There are many benefits to in-house writing, but committing pen to paper could be difficult if you are not used to the process of script writing. Writers work in a myriad of different ways, and each method can yield great results. Here are six ways to start writing the script for your next Orlando corporate video production:


  1. Begin with Visualization


Visualization is essential to script writing. Determine your target audience and visualize them with as many details as possible. Know their likes and dislikes, their attitudes and outlooks, and their traits and habits. This will help you tailor your script to the right people. Then, as you begin writing, picture the production in your head. Imagining each scene in conjunction with the script will help keep everything cohesive, from props to lighting.


  1. Brainstorming Sessions


Facing a blank Word document or piece of paper can be extremely daunting for any writer. Instead, start by having an old-fashioned brainstorming session. Ideas include word mapping, bullet points, diagrams, and branching out ideas tree-and-cluster style. Work alone or in a small group, and then begin filtering ideas into useable production concepts. Then, focus on your production goals and begin writing.


  1. Stream of Consciousness


Some people find it easiest to simply sit down and write down everything they are thinking of, stream-of-consciousness style. Although this approach requires more editing, it can be extremely freeing and a great way to begin writing. Plus, the writing that results is likely to have great flow and a natural voice.


  1. Focused Meditation and Deliberation


If you are afraid that your stream of consciousness writing would result in too many tangents, perhaps it is best to take another approach. Focus on a single key question, such as “What should the audience learn from this production?” or “What are the features of this product?” Choose a quiet place to meditate on the question for a half hour or more, with as few outside distractions or pressures as possible. Have a pen and piece of paper handy, so you can write down whatever comes to mind.


  1. Move in Different Directions


Perhaps your Orlando corporate video production has a broad topic that could be presented in many different ways. Or, maybe you are having trouble choosing between having two or three actors involved in a scene. Try trigger brainstorming or writing, where you begin writing and then move in a different direction as needed. Amongst your tangents and twists, you may find the meat of your production.


  1. Outline


In some cases, it is easier to start with keywords and sub-headers, outlining your entire script before committing a full sentence or paragraph. This approach will help you see the big picture, which can help ensure your ideas are connected. As a result, this also means that starting with an outline often reduces the amount of editing and rewriting required later.


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