Creating a Successful Infomercial

Infomercials give entrepreneurs the chance to tell the story of their product and allow you to not only say what your product does, but also to show how it works. Infomercials generally bring in revenue of $91 billion per year in sales, and one successful spot alone can generate more than $40 million in sales within only three months!

Successful infomercials tend to follow a pattern: they all contain some sort of entertainment, provide demonstrated solutions to everyday problems, are hosted by a visible spokesperson, incorporate honest endorsements, and have a compelling sales pitch. If you are looking to advertise your product through an infomercial, follow these tips to ensure your success.

Evaluate your product. The success of an infomercial depends on the existence of buzz-worthy merchandise. Ask yourself the following questions: Is my product unique? Does my product have broad appeal? Can I reasonably sell this product for three to five times what it costs to make it?

Build a strong sales proposition. Consider product features, price point, add-ons and premiums, as well as marketing strategies like two-for-one deals—seen frequently in successful infomercials—and free gifts. The key feature of selling a successful product is providing a call to action. In infomercials, this is demonstrated through the “Order now!” message that is seen throughout the program.

Plan your creative strategy. Developing as much of your infomercial during pre-production as possible will save you a lot of money. Scout locations in which to film, build sets on which to work, write your script and cast your actors, and get a head start on any market research and public relations you might need to do.

Produce your infomercial. Production can take several months, so hire professionals (a great choice would be Orlando-based NG Production Films) who have infomercial experience. These professionals will know what strategies, formats, and techniques work, and they can minimize both headaches and hiccups.

Buy airtime. When time comes to air your infomercial, it is best to be conservative. Test your ad first in smaller markets, running it for two weeks on television at various times of the day and on various channels in order to find out when and what channels get the best results. When you’re confident in the response you receive, proceed with a more aggressive rollout. You could also consider hiring a media buying agency with experience in direct response TV to purchase airtime for you.

Take and fulfill orders. Successful infomercial products have efficient ordering, fulfillment, and customer service systems in place. You’ll need a call center, a credit card merchant account, and a shipping solution.

Expand into retail. Every entrepreneur wants their product to go as far as possible, so make retail rollout part of your plan in order to maximize profits and extend the lifecycle of your product.

Creating a successful infomercial can be complex. This is why NG Productions Films offers all of the services in Orlando and beyond to make your product flourish: media buying, media planning, marketing plans, and of course, video production. To see what NG Production Films can do for you, give us a call today at 877-203-2895.