Filming an Interview

I recently read an article posted quite a while ago on SEO E-blog on the proper way to film an interview. Even though the article was posted over a year ago, the tips provided remain applicable today. Follow these tips below to make filming your next interview as easy as possible:

1.    Know what your interview is about beforehand.
A casual interview with a local stand-up comedian will be far different from a formal interview with the Surgeon General.

2.    Take a moment and get to know your interviewee before setting up.
Getting to know who you will be interviewing provides for a relaxed state of mind, especially if this is your interviewee’s first meeting.

3.    Setup camera equipment before your interviewee sits down.
Set up your basic equipment first, that way you only have to make final adjustments once they sit down.

4.    Make sure you like where the interviewee is looking.
You will want them to maintain eye contact with you, not the camera.

5.    Stay in one place.
Maintain eye contact with the interviewee and stay still, as moving around would look strange on camera.

6.    Focus your camera closely.
Try to get more of the interviewee’s face than the background.

7.    Be aware of your background.
Try to have your background free of any distractions.

8.    Pay close attention to lighting.
Lighting is essential, try to make it not too bright, but not too dim either!

9.    Wear headphones to filter out noises.
Any kind of noise can ruin your video, so wear headphones to keep an ear out for background noise.

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