Finding Inspiration for Your Next Video Production

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When it comes to video productions, sometimes we are brimming with ideas and the hardest part of the process is narrowing things down to a single topic or vision. At other times, however, we may feel stuck, unable to come up with an idea original and interesting enough to film. Whether you need a commercial for the new season, are working on developing training videos, or need a video loop for a convention or trade show, sometimes a brainstorming session simply is not enough. Here are a few tips for finding inspiration for your next Orlando video production:

Take a Step Back

If you have been dwelling on your upcoming video project for days, consider taking a day or an afternoon off. You can still work on other things, but try not to stress about coming up with a topic. If possible, take a tour of the offices or talk to a few employees that you typically do not run into on a daily basis. Try to examine your products or services from a different perspective, and get a few for your company’s atmosphere and overall goals. Doing these activities may open your eyes to new ideas without you even thinking about it.

Ask Around

How do your video productions normally get off the ground? Do you have a committee in charge of marketing, or do you primarily come up with the ideas? If possible, expand the brainstorming and development process to include more people. You can target employees in certain positions, or have a general open call for suggestions. You might also consider asking your clients or customers for input. They may have questions about certain products, or perhaps they would like to learn more about your company, services, or upcoming sales or events. Each video production should fill a need or answer a question, so you can use the input from others to generate viable ideas.

Watch Samples and Examples

At this point, consider turning to your television or computer to watch a few videos. Using your personal judgment as a guide, make a list of what does or does not work in each video, with emphasis on anything that you would consider including in your next production. Do not be afraid to watch videos from outside your field, as these can help get your creative juices flowing. Use caution, however, as it will be very obvious to your clients if you copy an idea directly. Know the difference between inspiration and a sort of video marketing plagiarism. Think in terms of general concepts, such as backdrops, colors, typography, music, and angles. You can also decide if your next production should be straightforward or tell a story. Inspiration can come from many sources, so stay observant and open-minded and see what stands out.

If you need additional assistance coming up with an idea for your next film project, contact our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films. We will help you brainstorm, develop, and storyboard ideas until you are ready to start filming. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call NG Production Films at 877-203-2895 or simply fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.